Can I Eat While Detoxing? Here’s How To Detox Without Starving!


Written by: melissa - Nov. 29, 2017

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A lot of detoxes out there like the popular “Master Cleanse” involve fasting. This means you can’t eat while detoxing and you only take in a liquid diet. They are often seen as a quick fix for weight loss and a method of flushing “toxins” out of the body. This leaves you hungry, cranky, and you end up binging after!

Even worse, a lot of detoxes out there have laxatives. The most common ingredient used is the senna root and leaf. Senna is an FDA-approved laxative used to treat constipation and clear the bowels of patients pre-colonoscopy. Believe us, you do not want to lose weight or detox by running to the bathroom several times a day!

Good news! You can eat while detoxing– there’s no need to starve yourself!

Why you should eat while detoxing

Most detoxes are extremely low in calories, which means you will have low energy. You may feel sluggish, or notice digestion taking a while. Plus, detoxes are low in protein, fiber, and essential fats which are necessary to keep the body healthy!

Whether you want to lose weight, feel cleaner, or just be generally healthier, there’s a better and more permanent way to do it.

Here’s how to eat while detoxing

Start the morning right with a healthy breakfast and SkinnyFit Detox



Breakfast provides the body with energy after fasting all night – that’s where its name originates, breaking the fast!  So have a high fiber, nutrition packed breakfast like oatmeal and fruit, a yogurt smoothie (careful with the sugar) or an avocado toast or scrambled eggs with veggies!

This is also the perfect time to get your metabolism going throughout the day.

SkinnyFit Detox helps kickstart your metabolism and helps you burn more fat without fasting or going on an extreme diet. Unlike other detoxes, SkinnyFit Detox has no laxatives and is made with 13 powerful metabolism-boosting superfood ingredients. It also helps fight bloating and detoxifies the body! Steep a bag in 8 0z. of water and you can drink it as is or add ice or even some fruit to enjoy it cold!

Sneak in a physical activity within your day

Sweat it out — but you don’t have to go to a gym or do a full workout. Little things like speed walking while shopping, going up and down the stairs a few times, going on a jog with your dog, or taking a bike ride with the kids help boost your body a lot!

Keep the healthy meals going throughout the day

To keep your body burning throughout the day, keep it fueled with nutritious food! Eating smaller, more frequent meals will keep you energized and focused and will keep your metabolism going!

Have a healthy lunch like a colorful salad with a ton of vegetables, some feta or goat cheese, and protein like shrimp, egg,  tuna, or chicken or a nice wrap with veggies and meat!

For your mid-afternoon snack, chomp on some apples with sugar-free nut butter, or a bowl of nuts and plain popcorn.

If you want an extra energy boost, you can even have another glass of SkinnyFit Detox infused with fruit. Try some of our yummy recipes.

Wind down with SkinnyFit ZzzTox



For dinner, have a healthy protein like baked salmon or chicken with veggies, or a nice black bean salad with tomatoes and bell peppers.

Good rest is essential to health. When you lack good sleep or are stressed, your brain starts to crave for comfort food and your impulse to say no is weaker. Amp up the quality of your rest and fight stress-induced weight gain with SkinnyFit’s caffeine-free blend, ZzzTox!

By adding  ZzzTox to your SkinnyFit routine, you can keep your detox going 24/7. It helps to relax your mind and body so you have better quality rest, it helps calm bloating, and rids your body of toxins. Brew a cup and get ready for the best relaxation session ever!





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