Fight Aging and Improve Gut Health with These NEW Skinnyfit Products!


Written by: melissa - Dec. 13, 2017

SkinnyFit Products  

Health begins within. The nutrition we take in doesn’t only improve gut health, it helps us fend off disease, and even helps us fight aging. Looking and feeling good is just as much about taking care of your body from the inside as it is about using products on the outside. Providing the best environment inside allows your body to function at is best and you’ll feel and see the difference!


Fight aging and protect your hair, skin, and nails

Our nails, hair, and skin are good indicators of how healthy we are. Just like the body needs nutrition, so do your hair, skin, and nails. Years of styling and environmental damage can leave your skin and locks damaged, dull, and lifeless. As you take in superfoods from SkinnyFit Detox, support it with SkinnyFit Daily Glow!  Its antioxidants and vitamins that support healthy levels of collagen production and protect against free radical damage, combating the signs of aging from within.

Daily Glow helps you three ways:

  • Supports radiant hair, skin, & nails
  • Brightens the skin tone
  • Promotes youthful looking skin

Get to the Gut of Health

Good health begins in the intestines. If we don’t digest our food properly, we won’t get the nutrition from our food which is necessary for overall health. Over time, the body accumulates digestive toxins from our environment. If not released, these toxins can have harmful effects. Sometimes we just need a good detox, which you can do by eating whole food– lots of all natural food like fruits, grains, and veggies to flush out the toxins from your body. This is also the time to fill the body with superfood and to aid your digestion with some probiotics.

Support your Detox with SkinnyFit Belly Balance. It’s made with natural extracts that activate the body’s digestive system to flush out toxins, promote your body’s overall balance, calm occasional bloating, and even help you lose excess pounds.

Belly Balance helps you three ways:  

  • Promotes healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Regulates bowel movement
  • Flushes out toxins

Remember, good health begins within! If you eat right and supplement your whole food diet with the right mix of superfoods, probiotics, collagen and keratin, you’ll naturally look and feel better! Support your detox and give our new products a try by visiting our store.




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