5 Tips For Practicing Self Love This Galentine’s Day


Written by: Alexandra Reyes - Feb. 13, 2018

Practice Self Love  

This Galentine’s Day, Love Yourself First

February is all about celebrating love. And while it’s a beautiful thing to see all the flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, and balloon hearts, it’s also a great time to love yourself first. Galentine’s day is all about the single ladies and their friends, but why should we limit it to that? We came across this beautiful poem by Stephanie Bennett-Henry and fell in love with it. This month, it doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, in a relationship, or just having fun– let’s be inspired, love yourself first!

1.Love yourself, flaws and all

More and more, celebrities are celebrating their flaws. Hey, if they can do it, so can we! Instead of thinking about how much you hate your stretch marks, birthmarks, that flat nose, or weird toes, think about how they make you unique and flaunt it to the world!

2. Dust off those dreams you put aside

Let’s face it, life gets in the way of dreams. We all do it– we put our ambitions aside and prioritize what needs to be done right now. And yes, though paying the bills is super important, it’s also important to keep yourself fulfilled! Love to paint? Buy yourself an easel! Always wanted to be on stage? Take an improv class or take a dance or singing lesson! Whatever it is you are passionate about, you owe it to yourself to keep doing it!

3. Girl, give yourself a break!

We are our worst critics. This galentine’s day, treat yourself kindly (you know you are doing your best!) Go out and do something you’ve been meaning to do– whether it be a spa day, getting that haircut you’ve been wanting for a long time, or taking a solo trip, you deserve to refresh and reset. Love yourself first and everything else will follow.

4. Surround yourself with strong friends

You are as strong as your friends who support you. This Galentine’s day isn’t just about our SOs, it’s about our friends who make us smile when we are down, those who inspire us to be better, who scold us when we’re doing something dumb, and the people who love us unconditionally! Show them your appreciation by giving them little tokens that say “thanks for loving me for me!”.

5. Take in the good, take out the bad

Loving yourself first means loving your body. Treat it like a temple and be conscious of how you treat it and what you put in it. Take in natural ingredients, skip added sugar, take time to meditate, detoxify.
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How are you showing yourself some love? Share your ideas with our our social media community! #skinnyfitlove




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