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How To Create A Healthy Morning Routine For A Successful Day!

Written by Shelby Torrese

It’s no secret that a healthy morning routine can set you up to have a successful day—learn how to create your very own morning routine to build healthy habits for success!

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If you find yourself constantly feeling behind—whether it be in your career, relationships, or personal goals—your morning routine may be to blame. Think of how cringe-worthy it is to watch an Olympic runner trip right as they leave the starting line. Sometimes, that’s what life can feel like if you don’t establish good morning habits!

Starting off on the right foot can change the whole course of your day and even, dare we say, make you a happier, more successful version of yourself. Even just incorporating one or two healthy morning habits can create a noticeable shift in your days, weeks, and life. Whenever life starts to get rocky, a solid healthy morning routine is one addition that will help to get things back on track. A smooth AM tends to make for a chill PM, and who doesn’t want that?

woman waking up and starting a healthy morning routine

3 Reasons For Adopting A Healthy Morning Routine

Good morning habits are like catching every green light on the way to Disney. When you set yourself up for success, good things tend to follow. We’ll get into the “what” and the “how” of creating an effective morning routine, but first, here are some “whys”:

1. A Productive Morning Sets the Tone for the Rest of Your Day

When you kick the day off with feel-good tasks and get the productivity juices flowing, you’re more likely to bring the same motivation to the rest of your day.

Think of the mornings when you snooze your alarm four too many times, miss breakfast, only half brush your hair, and show up to work in a frenzy. You’re frazzled. You’re cranky. You probably didn’t eat a healthy breakfast or workout. And the rest of your day is bound to follow that same path… likely ending with Chinese take-out and a glass (or four) of wine for dinner.

But when you do start the morning off on the right foot, you’re starting your day feeling accomplished with a boosted self-image and positive attitude you can apply to every part of the day that follows.

healthy morning habits

2. Daily Morning Routines Help to Reduce Stress

When creating a morning routine, keep in mind that it won’t feel natural right away. Maybe it takes you a week or a few days to get into the swing of things, but the key is that you remain consistent. When we overthink things, they often turn into stressors. The great thing about a routine is that once you establish one, you won’t have to think about it at all. The less you think, the less you stress!

3. A Morning Routine You Look Forward To Can Provide You With More Time

If you got a dollar for every time you said “there’s just not enough time in the day,” you could probably afford to buy more time…or at the very least, your very own personal assistant! Well, a productive morning routine provides just that. Once you create a morning routine that you enjoy, you’re more likely to look forward to it. Meaning, you may find yourself waking up before your alarm just to get the day started! Little by little, you’ll be inspired to maximize other aspects of your day and really make your time count.

Think of what you could do with even that extra hour in the morning when you’re able to wake up and roll of bed right on time. More things done equals more to be grateful for and reflect on at the end of each day. See the domino effect here?

how to create a healthy morning routine

How To Create A Morning Routine In 3 Simple Steps

The best advice I can give you for creating a morning routine is this… keep it simple. These three steps are a surefire way to do just that. 

Step 1: Determine How Much Time You Have To Work With

If you’re someone who packs for a trip the morning of, read closely: preparation is key. A well-thought-out morning will keep you on track for the rest of your day, and when done right, leave you with more time to relax and do all of the unplanned things you may need or want to do. Micromanaging is OK (and helpful!) in some cases, especially on the days you are short on time. Having a minute-to-minute action plan will drastically improve your sense of anxiety for getting everything done, and help you to stay on track.

Step 2: Include At Least One Thing That Makes You Happy

Mornings don’t need to follow the wake, bathe, eat, run routine. In fact, that’s how morning routines get boring very quickly. Instead, include at least one thing that not only makes you happy, but that won’t look the same every day. If you enjoy reflection, start a gratitude journal. Write down something new each day that you’re grateful for. If you need to get pumped up for the day, create an upbeat morning playlist to listen to while eating or getting dressed. Shuffle it up and add to it throughout your week. Including little bits of joy will snowball into deeper-rooted feelings of joy over time. 

Step 3: Nourish Your Body and Mind

There’s no wonder why the golden rule of food is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the healthy morning routine of meals. It’s meant to be delicious, nutritious, and energizing. It’s even been proven that eating a good breakfast will prevent you from consuming more fats throughout the day and even help to maintain a lower body mass index.

Once you nourish the body, do something that will nourish your mind. It can be a few minutes of meditation, reading a book or the paper, or doing a crossword puzzle while you drink your coffee. Anything that stimulates the brain in a productive, healthy way. Try to avoid screen time in the first thirty minutes of waking up! 

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woman doing morning skin routine

So, What’s The Best Morning Routine For Success?

The best morning routine for success should always revolve around your personal goals. That’s why it’s important to first pinpoint what your purpose is when creating a morning routine. It can be general, such as a focus on fitness, wellness, relieving stress, etc. or it can get super specific like reading for thirty minutes or running a mile. In general, here are five activities that are sure to support a healthy morning routine, no matter what your goals are.

the best morning routine ritual

The Bottom Line On Creating A Morning Routine

A healthy morning routine will look different for everyone. It’s not so much what we do, it’s how we do it. In fact, the things you do may not change at all—you may still just wake up, shower, and eat breakfast before walking out the door. The biggest factor in making a routine is setting your pace and intention ahead of time. To stress less and start the day with genuine happiness, slow down your mornings and stretch them out, even if only by thirty minutes. With just those two tips you will surely feel more confident to take on the day and end it feeling that much more peaceful and accomplished. 

creating a healthy morning routine

About The Author

Shelby Torrese

Nutrition, Movement & Meditation Coach

Shelby Torrese is a wellness enthusiast (and matcha fanatic!) from Miami, FL. She attributes her love of movement to her mom, a personal trainer, and her love of food to her dad, a farmer. She studied creative writing in college while getting her yoga certification, and went on to pursue fitness and nutrition in grad school. Her go-to advice is, “Balance,” and she is a firm believer that the ocean can cure just about everything.

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
  • NASM Certified Nutrition Coach
  • M.S. in Human Performance


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