How To Make Cold Brew At Home (+ Minty Iced Coffee Recipe)


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iced coffee recipe  

Raise your hand if you’re addicted to iced coffee. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

Same! And even if you didn’t raise your hand, I’m about to share my favorite iced coffee recipe that is sure to turn you into an iced coffee lover, too. To me, the best iced coffee recipe will always stay simple, but with a twist. Like this iced coffee recipe with mint! The reason I love iced coffee so much is because you can flavor it and switch it up in an infinite amount of ways, everyday!

For this iced coffee recipe, we’re turning plain iced coffee into a delicious, refreshing mint iced coffee that is sure to keep you cool and caffeinated all day!

iced coffee recipe

Steps For How To Make Cold Brew Coffee 

First things first:
how to make cold brew, a.k.a. the best iced coffee. People sometimes get confused between iced coffee and cold brew. Cold brew is coffee that was brewed cold, whereas iced coffee can be hot coffee poured over ice, or hot coffee cooled and then poured over ice.

For the longest time I was spending close to $5 per day on delicious iced coffee. Once I got a good look at how much that adds up to over a few months, I knew I had to find out how to make cold brew at home in order to be able to make the best iced coffee recipe (with mint!) at home.

When I first learned how to make cold brew, it seemed daunting. But once you do it the first time, it’s a breeze everytime after. Plus, the best iced coffee recipe always starts with a fresh cold brew. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Large bowl or bucket that can fit up to 10 cups of water (best if you have one with a hole in the bottom that can be plugged)
  • 7 cups of water
  • Fine-mesh cold brew bag
  • 1 strong rubber band
  • 12 oz. bag of coarsely ground coffee

Step 1: 

First, you have to have your coffee beans ground. If you have a local coffee shop do it, just let them know it’s for a cold brew. If you have your own grinder, make sure you grind them as coarsely as possible so there’s a low possibility of the grinds swimming through the mesh bag.

Step 2: 

Next, place your fine-mesh bag into the large bucket or bowl. If you have a bucket with a hole in the bottom, make sure it’s sealed VERY well! Trust me on this one. 😂

Pour the coffee beans into the bag and then slowly pour 4 cups of water over the grinds. Carefully seal the fine-mesh bag at the top with a strong rubber band, and then pour the remaining 3 cups of water surrounding the bag. Then, carefully place your bucket or bowl in the fridge for 12-24 hours. 

Step 3:

Once your cold brew is ready, it’s time to pour! If you used a bucket with a hole, place a large pitcher under the hole and gently remove the cork or seal. Let it strain! If you used a bucket or bowl without a hole in the bottom, simply hold the fine-mesh bag just above the rubber band and gently pour the contents into your pitcher. Toss the grinds and rinse the bag well.

That’s it! Now you know how to make cold brew at home, and can make the best iced coffee recipe with it! And if anyone asks what the best iced coffee recipe is, now you know it’s cold brew! 😉

how to make cold brew

Delicious Flavored
Iced Coffee Recipe Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you need variety! The
best iced coffee recipe is always one that you can switch up however you like. For me, iced coffee recipe making is so fun because I can literally make something new every single day.

  • Add flavored extracts (ex: mint, vanilla, almond, coconut, etc.)
  • Mix in collagen like Super Youth Unflavored to go undetected, or Super Youth Chocolate Cake for a healthy mocha! Drinking collagen on a daily basis has been shown to smooth skin and wrinkles, strengthen hair and nails, heal joint pain, improve digestion, and can even help you lose weight! Sign me up!  
  • Pour in some sweet cream or whole-fat coconut for a richer taste
  • Use coffee ice cubes or Chocolate Cake collagen ice cubes as ice! (Just pour coffee or Chocolate Cake collagen water into ice molds overnight!)

These are just a few ways to make a great iced coffee recipe. But now, on to my absolute favorite iced coffee recipe (this week, anyway 🤣)! Honestly, if you love anything minty, this is hands down the best iced coffee recipe with the refreshing burst of the herb.

how to make cold brew


1 iced coffee

5 mins

0 mins

5 mins

Mint Iced Coffee Recipe



  • 8 oz cold brewed coffee (see above for step-by-step process)
  • 1 scoop Super Youth Unflavored
  • 1 tsp mint extract
  • ½ cup ice
  • Fresh mint leaves, for garnish (optional)


  1. Pour coffee into an 8 oz cup.
  2. Add 1 scoop Super Youth and mix until dissolved. Add mint extract, ice, and top with a sprig of fresh mint.
  3. Enjoy your mint iced coffee!
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