Celebrating 20k SkinnyFit Community Members! (+20 AMAZING Success Stories!)


Written by: Shelby Torrese - Apr. 24, 2020


WOW! Since starting our amazing and loving SkinnyFit community Facebook page on June 13, 2018, we’ve reached 20,000 MEMBERS! 😍🎉*ring the alarm*

To celebrate our members, we wanted to share 20 uplifting, motivational, and downright incredible stories. With SkinnyFit products, and the support from other community members, these 20 women have experienced some unbelievable results that we can’t wait to share with you.

Thank you to everyone who is a part of our community. We LOVE being a part of your journey. 💕

1. Katie Cooley 

Incredibly brave community member, Katie, shares her journey of healing her scars with SkinnyFit products and the other amazing side effects she’s experiencing.

“A few months ago, a friend was telling me about SkinnyFit and how it helped with her old acne scars. I said what the heck. It probably won’t help mine, but I will give it a try!!! This stuff is amazing. My hair is so shiny, my nails are stronger and both are growing so fast!!! But better than that, my scars are softening and look so much better!!! I know they will never go away and I am proud of them because they are what saved my life, but I want to thank SkinnyFit for making them less prominent!!!”

2. Rosa Martinez

Rosa shares her uplifting story of struggling with her weight her whole life until taking a chance on SkinnyFit! Now, happy and confident, she shares which products brought her back to life again. ✨

“I had my first SkinnyFit box delivered on March 6th. On March 7th I started taking Super Youth Unflavored, Detox and the Glow Up & Go bundle. I have been fat all of my teenage and adult life. For more than 30 years I have tried it all: Herbalife, Lapband, Weight Watchers, Strength Training, Jack A Lain Juices, a 3-year membership to L.A Fitness and nothing! I turned on my computer one day and SkinnyFit popped up. I was sad, depressed, nervous, worried, stressed, you name it and I was feeling it. I yo-yo’d between 250 lbs and 350 lbs and even lost my husband due to my weight. After just three weeks with SkinnyFit, look at me now!” 

3. Manana Rivera

Life-changing detox tea duo Detox and ZzzTox helped change Manana’s life forever. We are beyond lucky to have Manana as an amazing community member to share her story!

“SkinnyFit changed my life. Using Detox and ZzzTox, I gained strength while losing inches, and lost over 30 lbs in 6 months! My overall health has improved so much that I have not been admitted to the hospital in over a year thanks to these products. I’m so happy.”

4. Heather Johnson

Check out Heather’s amazing transformation using Super Youth collagen and Skinny Greens!

“I bought the SkinnyFit Super Youth Collagen because bariatric patients like myself seem to lose hair from not getting proper vitamins and minerals or protein after surgery. So, I started taking the Collagen Powder. I didn’t lose much hair after surgery, my hair just thinned out. Then, about 2 months ago I wanted to try the Skinny Greens and boy that is a life changer and I love it! I do one scoop per day mixed with apple cider vinegar and, boy, that curbs my appetite to the point where I don’t feel like eating, and sometimes I forget to eat. But I’ve been doing great since surgery. I’m down to 186 lbs and only 30 lbs to go until I reach my goal weight. I’m doing the best I can. I approve of this stuff 🙂 Thank you SkinnyFit for making some yummy stuff.”

5. Patti Jennings

Superwoman Patti shares her amazing story of standing up for herself, and losing 8 lbs with the support of her SkinnyFit community.

“I lost 8 pounds. I ballooned up in 3 weeks from binge-eating after I walked away from a bad relationship over the holiday season. Thanks to my decision to start using SkinnyFit supplements and doing the recent 28-day challenge, I’ve noticed a change in my energy level and overall strength.”

6. Megan Gordon

Megan has been taking all of our favorite products while sharing her journey with the SkinnyFit community page!

“I started 5 weeks ago today, and so far I have lost 16 lbs. I am drinking the Super Youth collagen in the afternoon and at night. I have the Detox and ZzzTox on the way, (ordered Skinny Greens also) and am excited to add those to my regimen. But 5 weeks ago I did a week-long juice cleanse to jumpstart everything, then I continued with (mostly) healthy eating.” 

7. Lauren Freeman

Supermom of two, Lauren, is absolutely loving Detox and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of her postpartum health journey! 

“I was skeptical at first, but it definitely surpassed all of my expectations and I’m so happy and proud of the results I have seen so far! 💪🏼I absolutely love Detox!! I have had amazing results from using that one product alone. I’m going to be 31 in a little over a month and have also had 2 kids (one is 5 and the other is 1 1/2) I’m back down to a size 1️⃣❗️And also down to 122 pounds.”

8. Pamela Hampton

Sweet Pamela shares how she’s ringing in her 50th birthday wrinkle-free thanks to her favorite SkinnyFit products!

“I’m turning 50 next year and do not have one wrinkle in my face! SkinnyFit is not an option for me, it’s a must!!! I really have seen an improvement in my skin, body, and hair and nails!!! I love being a part of the SkinnyFit community!!”

9. Nancy Roberts

Community member Nancy shares how she’s losing inches and pounds (12 so far!) with Detox, ZzzTox and Super Youth! 

“I lost a few lbs just by drinking Detox, ZzzTox and Super Youth. It took a month before I started to see any changes, but since I need to lose more and it was dropping too slow, I’ve now added exercise. Now I’ve lost 12 lbs. 👏I started at 200 lbs and now I’m at 188 trying to get to 185. I’m not sure how many inches, but I’ve lost those too. I can tell just by how my clothes are fitting, super, duper excited!”

10. Silvana Molina

Loyal community member since 2018, Silvana shares all the amazing side effects she’s experienced since taking Super Youth collagen. Hello beautiful hair, skin, and nails!

“The Super Youth collagen is amazing. I’ve seen great improvement in my skin, hair and nails. Joint health has improved along with gut health. Weight loss for me has been a tremendous plus.” 

11. Janelle Meier

Talk about a community member success story! 😍Janelle shares how she beat bloating and combatted massive hair loss with the help of Super Youth collagen. We love reading stories like these!

“The Detox Tea and Belly Balance are phenomenal for bloating. I have a tumor that messes with my hormones, so I have bloating and massive hair loss issues. Detox and Belly Balance help with bloating tremendously.  But even more so, the collagen has been a total lifesaver. I have gone through 3 other collagens taking them for  3 months at a time each to really give them a shot. After nearly a year of searching for a collagen that can really help with my hair loss, I found SkinnyFit and gave the Unflavored Super Youth a try!  After 1-2 scoops a day for three weeks, my hair went from literally falling out in clumps to just normal hair loss only when I brushed my hair.  Ladies and gents, I cried when I didn’t have to take a rodent-sized clump of hair out of the drain.  I couldn’t believe it.  I went to my hairdresser a month ago and she complimented me on how many baby hairs I had! I HAVE BABY HAIRS! So, for those who have hormone issues, for those who have hair loss,  a clean diet and this collagen can truly change your world!”

12. Elizabeth Meza Vitolas

We couldn’t be happier to be a part of Elizabeth’s health journey! Super Youth collagen helped her smooth her skin, strengthen and lengthen her hair, and improve joint pops and aches! 

“After having my 3rd child recently, my skin was dry to the point that it was cracking even on my face, and my hair was falling out in chunks. I was so scared of falling into depression, which I honestly feel like I was. I was ready to try anything and came across SkinnyFit. I have been drinking the Tropical Punch Super Youth and I love it!!! My face looks soo much healthier, my hair has stopped falling out, and all kinds of baby hairs are coming in. Not only that, but my knees no longer pop when I squat 😉(which is a bonus to me). My attitude is more positive and my energy has increased so much since drinking it. I cannot see myself without SkinnyFit any more!!”

13. Toni Saunders

We love hearing how Toni got her husband, then her whole family, drinking SkinnyFit! Our community is so much more than health products, we’re one big family, too. 💕

“I have found a product that I want to tell the world about because of all the health benefits. Please never run out of this product because I will be sending a lot more customers to you. For those who doubt that this product works for older people, I will be 68 in December and my husband is 71. We both started on it at the end of April when I got back from vacation. I was doing WW diet and he cut out sandwiches and started to eat soups.

My husband has lost 44 lbs, and now he is 59 lbs down. I have lost 17 lbs, and went from a size 8 to a 4.

Our skin and hair look wonderful, I tell everyone about this product and have over 20 family and friends drinking it with similar results. We are all drinking SkinnyFit!”

14. Jackie Jesus

Stories like Jackie’s are why we love our SkinnyFit community so much! From IBS to chronic acne, Jackie J. turned her health and life around with Super Youth collagen, and the help of her community.

“Here is my testimony…for YEARS I have suffered knee pain (2 surgeries), back pain (sciatica), acne, dry skin, IBS-D, leaky gut, bloat, and had my gallbladder removed. I was skeptical since I saw it on FB, so I decided what the hell. Let me tell you, SkinnyFit collagen changed my life. My knee doesn’t hurt and I squat without pain, my back pain has subsided a bit (I know it’s not a miracle drug lol) I have no acne, my skin isn’t dry, I’m a lot less bloated and the IBS/leaky gut seems like a thing of the past. I did every test my doctor threw at me and everything came back normal; frustrating beyond belief! I’m glad I jumped and am looking forward to better results as I continue my journey.”

15. Sandra Martin

When Sandra told us she was able to maintain her Super Youth weight loss through all of her holiday parties, we couldn’t wait to share her story. Down 23 lbs and counting! 💪

“I started SkinnyFit back in September when I weighed 195 lbs and my waist was 45 inches. In November my doctor weighed me when I got my flu shot and I was 172 lbs. Today, December 17th, I am holding at 172 lbs through Thanksgiving and Christmas parties!! And I am so happy to say my waist is down to 37 inches. So, I’ve lost 23 lbs and 8 inches off my waist, my legs have lost the cellulite, and I can tell my pant legs are looser and my legs look way better. My complexion is brighter and my hair is healthier, with more shine and also softer.

I know the new year will bring even more results which I need cause I am 5 ‘ 2″ tall and I need to eventually be down to about 120 lbs.Thank you SkinnyFit! I’m so glad I’ve got you in my life…nothing else I tried ever worked. 😃”

16. Laura Hammond 

Laura shares how she has been thriving off of Detox & ZzzTox, and how much she loves all of her fellow community members’ amazing health and fitness suggestions. 

“I’ve been using SkinnyFit for about 3 months now and I’ve lost a total of 32 lbs and feel great! I drink Detox every morning and ZzzTox at night before bed, and love the taste of both! I’ve been drinking it hot, but may give a cold tea a try since summer is here. Thank you SkinnyFit! I also love the group for suggestions!”

17. Kara Simms

Kara shares how her friends, mom and husband have been complimenting her like crazy (without even knowing she’s been taking Super Youth!). Read more about how SkinnyFit is the “best money she’s ever spent!”

“Personal testimony time. I started using Super Youth Peach Mango a little over a month ago. I noticed that my skin was softer almost immediately. The next thing I noticed was my IBS had stopped acting up. The third thing I noticed was that I wasn’t nearly as hungry as I had been before.

Fast forward to two weekends ago when I went to lunch with my best friend whom I hadn’t seen in a month. She asked me what I had been using on my skin because it looked SO smooth. Keep in mind I’ve always had really large pores, oily skin and red patches. I told her the only thing I had been doing differently was drinking collagen. (I then, of course, told her what kind 😉). A few days after that my spouse tells me at dinner that I look younger, and my skin looks healthy. Skip forward to this past weekend, and I see my mom whom I hadn’t seen in about a month. She tells me my hair looks thicker than normal. I hadn’t told anyone about what I was doing because I truly wanted to see if the results were there.Today, I noticed that my body shape has changed and it’s like I’m losing inches. I will be the first to admit I was so skeptical when I saw the ads, especially considering I had tried so many other “health” drinks, but I got my first order on a promo. I will never go back. It’s definitely the best money I’ve invested.”

18. Chandra Conley

Psoriasis success story! After trying every medication and treatment under the sun, Chandra shares how SkinnyFit finally changed her skin once and for all!

“I have been dealing with psoriasis since I was 16. I’m now 34. I have been on every medication possible. I’ve done the steroid creams, I’ve done sun exposure therapy and I’ve done Otezla, Humira, and Cosentyx. None of these I feel are healthy to do long-term and clear my skin. They are all poison to the body in my experience, and I’m sick and tired of them. I found SkinnyFit a few months ago, and I can’t tell you how much it’s improved my skin health. It is still a working progress, and I know it isn’t a cure, but, these products have helped my body and skin! The flakiness has diminished and the outbreaks are less intense.”

19. Nikki Odom

Nikki shares how SkinnyFit has helped her avoid a knee replacement, improve her hair and nail health, and why she’ll be a community member for LIFE. 😍

“I just want to say how happy I am with this product. I’m 52 and my fingernails and hair are healthier than they’ve ever been because of Skinnyfit. I have an arthritic knee from a traumatic injury with 2 subsequent surgeries in 2013. Since that injury, I’ve been able to postpone a knee replacement for years because of SkinnyFit. It’s expensive for me, but worth every penny. Skinnyfit user for life here.”

20. Natisha Burks

After just three weeks, Natisha is experiencing life-changing transformations inside and out from her SkinnyFit products!

“SkinnyFit is really changing my life. I see results and I have only been on the products for three weeks now. I have lots of energy, better focus, great job performance, and killing it at the gym. Before I got the SkinnyFit products I weighed 157 lbs, and now I am 150 lbs all because of SkinnyFit.”

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