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What Does Vitamin C Do For Your Skin? (+ 5 Ways To Boost Your Intake!)

Written by Shelby Torrese

Vitamin c is great for your skin, but do you know why and how it helps? Discover everything you need to know about vitamin c and skin health, and how to get more of it!

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When I say I grew up as a Vitamin C fanatic, I’m really talking about me being a sugar addict. I was on a strict routine of two daily gummies a day. They were shaped like orange slices, and they were not only packed with sugar, but also covered in it. Once I got older and learned that those vitamins were doing me more harm than good, and also what the benefits of vitamin C, real vitamin C that is, are, I made some big changes.

Vitamin C for skin was my biggest motivation for learning about this powerful vitamin. My skin was starting to change, just like my mother warned me it would. I started to notice some fine lines appear, uneven skin coloration and sun spots, and my skin seemed dull. So what does vitamin C do, exactly? That’s exactly what we’ll be deep-diving into today. I’ll be sharing all about the benefits of vitamin C, specifically about vitamin C for skin, and ways to boost vitamin C intake.

vitamin c benefits

What Is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is an essential dietary vitamin (meaning we must supplement it, because the body cannot produce it on its own) that’s water-soluble. [1] There are a variety of foods that contain Vitamin C, and it’s important to make sure you’re eating enough of them. Vitamin C plays an important role in synthesizing certain neurotransmitters and protein metabolism, especially collagen. Collagen is an essential protein that makes up connective tissue, keeping our skin nice and firm. This is one of the ways we benefit from vitamin C for skin.

Benefits Of Vitamin C

  • Antioxidants—One of the most well-known benefits of vitamin C is that it’s an incredibly powerful antioxidant. Uncontrolled oxidative stress can cause everything from wrinkles to autoimmune disorders, so making sure you’re eating or supplementing with antioxidants is very important for overall health.
  • Aids in Metabolism of Proteins—When it comes to taking vitamin C for skin health, it’s helpful to know that taking vitamin C with a collagen (type of protein) supplement would do wonders for your skincare. Collagen helps to reduce wrinkles and cellulite, while vitamin C ensures your body is metabolizing it, making you glow even more!
  • Boosts Immunity—It’s no wonder it’s recommended we drink citrus fruits like lemon and orange when we’re coming down with something. They’re packed with vitamin C, which can help boost immunity by supporting overall immune function.
  • Supports Iron Absorption—As you may know, iron is an essential mineral, and many people are iron deficient. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron, which is essential for transporting oxygen and producing red blood cells.

How Does Vitamin C Help Skin?

Vitamin C is a skincare must. If there were one vitamin I’d recommend for skin it would be this one! Not only does it help to produce collagen, which keeps skin plump and smooth, but it also helps to repair damaged skin cells. In other words, it helps heal wounds faster, so any scarring will fade faster when supported by vitamin C. It also brightens skin. I know I could tell when my skin started to look dull, and switching to a vitamin C-rich skin care regimen was a game-changer. Vitamin C can also act as a preventative measure. So starting to supplement with vitamin C before you’re concerned about wrinkles and fine lines will also be beneficial. All in all, if you want great skin, you’re going to want to start taking vitamin C!

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Ways To Boost Vitamin C

Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate vitamin C into your daily routine—whether you prefer to eat it, use it in skincare, or supplement with it!

1. Oranges & Kiwi

Citrus fruits, particularly oranges and kiwi, are packed with vitamin C. A medium-sized orange contains around 70mg of vitamin C, whereas the average kiwi contains about 71mg. These delightful citrus fruits are a delicious and nutritious treat for getting vitamin C into your diet, and a tasty way to incorporate vitamin C for skin benefits.

2. Mustard Spinach

One cup of this delicious bitter green contains over 115g of vitamin C. If eaten raw (like in a salad) it can contain around 200mg! It’s so easy to forget there are so many varieties of greens available, such as mustard spinach. This green isn’t “bitter” but is considered a bitter green for its high fiber content. Add this into your favorite salad and enjoy the benefits of vitamin C!

3. Sweet Yellow Pepper

I couldn’t believe my favorite peppers were packed with vitamin C. Sweet yellow peppers contain about 135mg of vitamin C per half cup. I can easily eat a whole bowl of sliced yellow peppers with hummus, so this was exciting news. Get your peppers, get your skin-glowing  benefits of vitamin C! 

4. Facial Serum

There’s a reason most skincare contains a high amount of vitamin C! Vitamin C for skin is popular for its amazing benefits, such as its anti-inflammatory properties, and for its ability to promote collagen production and even out skin tone. Check your favorite face serum and make sure it contains vitamin C!

5. Super Youth Collagen

Earlier I touched on how important vitamin C is for collagen, so supplementing with a collagen that contains vitamin C is a skincare double-whammy! But not all collagens are created equal! Super Youth Tropical Punch contains vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, and hyaluronic acid—all of which help keep your skin glowing and tight. They are the first product to contain all of these amazing ingredients in a collagen supplement. It’s also one of my favorites because it’s so easy to take on the go. Plus, you won’t forget to take it because it’s so delicious.

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About The Author

Shelby Torrese

Nutrition, Movement & Meditation Coach

Shelby Torrese is a wellness enthusiast (and matcha fanatic!) from Miami, FL. She attributes her love of movement to her mom, a personal trainer, and her love of food to her dad, a farmer. She studied creative writing in college while getting her yoga certification, and went on to pursue fitness and nutrition in grad school. Her go-to advice is, “Balance,” and she is a firm believer that the ocean can cure just about everything.

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
  • NASM Certified Nutrition Coach
  • M.S. in Human Performance


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