13 Simple & Healthy On-The-Go Snacks For Weight Loss


Written by: Shelby Torrese - Aug. 21, 2019

healthy on the go snacks  

When hustling and bustling through life, finding quick, healthy food options can seem like finding gold on the sidewalk. Wildly unlikely. That’s why we created a list of 13 healthy on-the-go snacks that will keep you satisfied and energized, no matter how long your to-do list is.

These can be grab-and-go foods to look out for in a health food store, or snacks that you put together yourself before venturing out for the day. Having healthy snacks on the go is so important to avoid binging and cravings, and going too long without food can disrupt a healthy metabolism. Most importantly, though, we all know bad things happen when hanger 🥴🤬kicks in. 

healthy snacks on the go

Simple Tips For Keeping Healthy Snacks On Hand

  • Be prepared! Plan out your snacks just as meticulously as you plan out your day! If you know there’s going to be a stretch of time that you won’t be able to grab a bite to eat or stop at home, be sure to pack enough food to keep you satisfied until your next meal. This not only takes the thinking and anxiety out of it, but will even give you something to look forward to between meetings, errands, what-have-you.
  • Take an appetite suppressant. Sometimes, too much snacking can lead to unwanted weight gain. To keep excessive snacking at bay, take an appetite suppressant, like SkinnyFit Snack Attack, to curb cravings and fight unwanted weight gain! Simply take 2 capsules with water about 30-60 minutes before a snack or a meal. To learn more about the science behind how Snack Attack works, check out this article.
SkinnyFit Snack Attack. Appetite suppressant
  • Keep easy, on-the-go containers on hand. Sometimes the hardest part about having healthy, portable snacks is not having a place to contain them! No one wants to carry around a bunch of heavy mason jars just to hold some nuts and fruit, so try to opt for lighter food luggage. Reusable plastic bags and even beeswax wraps are great (and sustainable!) alternatives to single-use plastic and heavy, clunky containers.
  • Practice portion control. For whoever needs to hear this, your body does not need the whole bag of trail mix. Say it with us: portion control. When eating healthy snacks on-the-go, especially if they are going to be eaten in front of a computer, on the phone, or in a rideshare, it’s easy to get distracted and not realize how much you’re actually eating. Part of pre-packing snacks is portioning them out. The palm of your hand is usually a safe indicator of portion control when it comes to snacks.
  • Carry a water bottle. Thirst is often disguised as hunger cravings. Especially when working a full schedule, staying hydrated is key to avoid overeating. If you’re reaching for snacks more than usual, it might be time for a large glass of water. Wait about 10 minutes afterward and if you’re still hungry, go on and get that snack. Check out these super cute and stylish water bottles you can use for water, hot or cold tea, and even your favorite collagen supplement!
SkinnyFit water bottles

13 Healthy Snacks (On-The-Go)

Healthy on-the-go snacks aren’t always easy to come by. We’ve compiled 13 of our favorite simple and healthy portable snacks that, with a little preparation, you can take anywhere. Whether you’re stuck at home, on the run, or just don’t have access to healthy food at the moment, you’ll be happy to have one (or three!) of these healthy munchies on hand:

1. Meal replacement shakes

Meal replacement shakes are a great way to nourish your body on-the-go. It will take no more than a few minutes to assemble, and you can sip on it wherever you go! Meal replacement shakes will also help you feel fuller longer, so they’re a great snack for busy days. No utensils or heating required, and zero mess. It’s a win-win! Try this simple and delicious meal replacement protein shake recipe! You’ll love it!

meal replacement shake

2. Walnuts

These squiggly nuts are great brain food! Especially when you’re feeling that afternoon slump. Not only are walnuts are a great mood booster and focusing aid, but they are packed with a healthy type of fat called monounsaturated fat! This type of fat actually lowers your cholesterol and rich in antioxidants!

3. Avocado topped with sea salt & sesame seeds

Similar to walnuts, avocados are a great source of healthy fats. They are nutrient-dense and calorie-dense which keeps you feeling fuller for longer! But avocado lovers beware—although they are delicious and packed with tons of micronutrients, the majority of the calories in an avocado come from fat making it easier to exceed your caloric needs. Fat contains 9 calories per gram, whereas protein and carbohydrates are only 4 calories per gram.

4. No-bake energy bites

If you tend to crave sweet treats throughout the day, no-bake energy bites make for great healthy on the go snacks. They’re packed with brain and gut foods like walnuts and dates, and all you have to do is blend, roll, and refrigerate! Make this no-bake chocolate energy bites recipe in just minutes!

chocolate collagen energy bites

5. Crunchy baked chickpeas

Vegetarians rejoice! Chickpeas are known to be low in calories but rich in protein! If getting your daily dose of protein is difficult for you, this healthy, on-the-go snack is perfect for you. These delicious little bites can be homemade or bought in stores. Season them however you like and enjoy!

6. Tangerine or orange slices

Not only will these keep your bag smelling amazing, but they’ll satisfy any sweet cravings you may have while supplying your body with a good dose of vitamin C. Between 24-50mg to be exact!

7. Overnight oats

Overnight oats feel like a decadent breakfast, except they’re totally healthy! They’re a great snack because you can fancy them up (think nut butter swirls and cacao nibs) or keep them as simple as you like. Bonus points: they’ll keep you full until whenever your next meal is. (We promise!) Try this maple cinnamon overnight oats recipe, you won’t regret it!

maple cinnamon overnight oats

8. Homemade trail mix

Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper, add your favorite nuts and a handful of unsweetened coconut, then pop them in a 350-degree oven for about 10-20 minutes. Let cool, add some dried fruit, then portion out for snacking!

9. Veggie chips

This is another delicious snack that can be homemade or store-bought. Sweet potatoes, zucchini, beets, and taro all make for amazing chips. With just a little bit of sea salt and pepper, you’ll be glad you portioned these out because the whole bag is so, so tempting. 

10. Chia seed pudding

A great source of fiber and protein, this superfood-packed ‘pudding’ will have you passing on dessert and asking for more. It’s so easy to make at home, and because just a little bit will fill you up, it’s super portable! Simply prepare it before you go to sleep, pop it in the fridge, let the flavors develop overnight, and voila! A simple and delicious snack or breakfast you can take anywhere! Try this overnight chia seed pudding recipe that’s perfect for busy mornings!

overnight chia seed pudding

11. Ants on a log

These delicious, picturesque logs are not just for kids. Celery, almond butter, and raisins are as nutritious as they are adorable. You can prep these in advance or bring a single packet of almond butter and raisins with you to make them wherever you are!

12. Turkey & hummus taquitos

Okay, so these aren’t exactly taquitos but we can pretend! Smear some hummus across a slice of roasted turkey and then roll that bad boy up. Pop them in a plastic bag and take a few with you on the go! So simple, so delicious!

13. Goji berries

Goji berries are a delicious, antioxidant-rich snack. If you don’t love the crunch of them when they’re hard, soak them in a bit of coconut water or SkinnyFit Detox tea to soften them up and make them more gummy-like.

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