Try This Low-Calorie SkinnyFit Margarita Recipe! (Only 5 Ingredients!)


Written by: Liz Brown - Mar. 6, 2018

SkinnyFit Margarita  

Calling all margarita lovers! Say hello to your new go-to cocktail and give this low-calorie SkinnyFit margarita recipe a try! If you’re like me then you love yourself a good margarita from time to time but hate the excess calories that comes with them. Margaritas have a bad rap for being high in calories.

This is usually due to the high amount of sugar found in the sweet and sour mix. Sugar is not only a huge culprit for hangovers, but it’s also the number one factor in weight gain. Swapping out the sweet and sour mix with a natural sweetener, like agave, will significantly reduce the amount of calories in your margarita (and might even reduce your risk of a hangover)!

Why is agave so great? Well, to put it simply, agave is very low on the glycemic index compared to other forms of sweetener. Every food is given a glycemic number. This number represents how quickly your body converts the carbs in your food into glucose (our bodies convert carbs into glucose and use it as energy). The smaller the number, the less impact the food has on your blood sugar. Agave has a glycemic index of 13. (To put this into perspective, table sugar has a glycemic index of 68 and honey has a glycemic index of 60.)

So what’s the SkinnyFit solution? Swap out your traditional margarita mix with this low-calorie version instead! You won’t be able to resist the light and refreshing flavors of our SkinnyFit Detox and the agave! The subtle notes of peach and green tea add a boost of flavor and a fat-burning component! Oh yeah, did I mention this recipe is only 5 ingredients?! #Winning

Here’s What You Need:



  • 8 oz SkinnyFit Detox
  • 1.5 oz lime juice
  • 1 oz orange juice
  • 1 tsp agave
  • 2 oz tequila



  1. Pour all ingredients into a cup already containing ice cubes
  2. Stir all ingredients together
  3. Top with a lime, salt, and enjoy!


You Can View The Tutorial Video Here




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