Our 20 Favorite Eco-Friendly Influencers You Need To Know About


Written by: Liz Brown - Apr. 23, 2018

Eco-Friendly Influencers  

Social media has become the soap box in which we share our message with the world. It is the foundation for the influential voices of our generation. It can inspire us to workout harder, book a plane ticket somewhere exotic, eat healthier, buy clothes we don’t really need, slay our hustle, laugh uncontrollably at memes, and even obsess over our fur babies more than we already do… But what’s even more impressive about social media are the people who use their influence to inspire change and create a positive impact on the world.

Social influencers are known for having great taste and even better insider tips and tricks to accompany their platforms. The best feeds not only connect with a particular mission, but connect with a specific niche audience as well. This type of influence creates a community that people feel connected to on a personal level.

Fitness, lifestyle, beauty, travel, and fashion influencers have dominated social media for a while now, but a new subgroup has emerged and these influencers are driving social change on a global scale!

Green-living influencers are staking their ground in the social space and bringing awareness to sustainable living… and we love it!


We’ve compiled a list of our 20 favorite eco-friendly influencers you need to know about!


Our 20 Favorite Eco-Friendly Influencers (in no particular order)


1. Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram @FullyRawKristina


Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram is a pioneer in the local, organic food co-operative movement and founder of the largest raw, organic produce co-operative in the U.S., FullyRaw. Being fully raw means that she eats only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Kristina has made a living coaching and inspiring thousands of others to be FullyRaw for the past few years and is the leading visionary in the raw movement. She is the author of The FullyRaw Diet, creator of FullyRaw Juice, LLC., and the chief goddess co-operator of Rawfully Organic. Kristina’s mission is to simply reach people with the message of RAW. She wants to inspire people to find their rawness within so that they can find their own health freedom and zest! Kristina’s passion for living fully raw is infectious! Most people would think of living on a fully raw diet can be a daunting, and nearly impossible task, but Kristina’s tips, tricks, and mentality behind this lifestyle make it seem easier for us to adapt a healthier, raw food diet.

How you can find Kristina:

Instagram: @FullyRawKristina

Website: www.FullyRaw.com


2. Megean Weldon @ZeroWasteNerd


Megean Weldon

Megean Weldon is a midwestern girl who has dedicated the last few years to going waste free. But not only that, her whole family has gone waste-free! Megean is trying to save the planet by reducing her waste to nearly zero, eating plant based, and living a minimalistic life. Her social media feeds, as well as her blog, educate her followers about how to transition into living a waste-free life without feeling overwhelmed! In addition, she gives practical tips and tricks on how to go waste-free in every day situations.

How you can find Megean:

Instagram: @ZeroWasteNerd

Blog: www.ZeroWasteNerd.com


3. Bea Johnson @ZeroWasteHome


Bea Johnson


Bea Johnson is a zero waste lifestyle expert! Since going waste-free in 2008, Bea has started and launched a global movement inspiring people to go waste-free! She is the author of Amazon’s #1 Best Selling book Zero Waste Home, Grand Prize winner of The Green Awards, has appeared on numerous television networks, and has even been named “The Priestess of Waste-Free Living” from The New York Times. Bea’s vocation is to shatter misconceptions associated with the Zero Waste lifestyle, to prove that waste-free living can not only be “stylish”, but also lead to significant health benefits, and time and money savings.

How you can find Bea:

Instagram: @ZeroWasteHome

Website: www.ZeroWasteHome.com


4. Lauren Singer @TrashIsForTossers


Lauren Singer


Lauren Singer popularized the zero waste movement through her blog, Trash is for Tossers. She is an expert at all things waste. Lauren studied Environmental Studies in college a decided to turn her passion for the environment into a lifestyle. She is the CEO of Package Free, a shop that sells products that help you reduce your waste. Lauren is also the founder and CEO of The Simply Co., an organic, vegan laundry detergent company. In the last five years, all of the trash that Lauren has produced can fit inside a 16oz mason jar! Wow! Her mission is to show that leading a zero waste lifestyle is simple, cost-effective, timely, fun, & entirely possible for everyone and anyone.

How you can find Lauren:

Instagram: @TrashIsForTossers

Blog: www.TrashIsForTossers.com


5. Katie Roberts @SustainabilityInStyle


Katie Roberts

Katie Roberts is the creator of Sustainability in Style, a web platform committed to helping stylish folks become resilient, mindful, and conscious consumers. Her brand combines sustainability education, mindful living, and academic research, to bring her audience useful and action based tools and content to help them follow their eco passions with confidence and purpose. Katie went from a career in the fashion industry to Environmental Science and uses her platform to promote sustainable fashion and style!

How you can find Katie:

Instagram: @SustainabilityInStyle

Website: www.SustainabilityInStyle.com


6. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau @JoyfulVegan


Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is an animal advocate, vegan author, and podcast host living a zero waste lifestyle. Her mission is to change the way we talk about, think about, and treat animals. She is the host of award-winning podcast Food for Thought, and spin-off podcast, Animalogy: Revealing the Animals in Our Everyday Words and Expressions. In addition, she has published numerous vegan cook books. Colleen shares her plant-based lifestyle and journey to being waste-free on her blog Joyful Vegan. Colleen is living proof that living a plant based diet, free of waste, is a joyful expression of love and appreciation for our planet and animals and we couldn’t be more inspired!

How you can find Colleen:

Instagram: @JoyfulVegan

Website: www.ColleenPatrickGoudreau.com


7. Jill & Luke Matthews of Sutton + Grove  @JilleMatthews @LukeMatthews


Jill and Luke Matthews

Can you say couple goals? Jill and Luke Matthews are the founders of the his and hers conscious lifestyle, fashion and travel blog Sutton + GroveThey promote in ethical, sustainable and fair trade products and fashion. The content featured on their blog promotes a lifestyle that is more responsible, thought-based and has a positive effect on our world and their social feeds are no different! This dynamic duo are living minimalistic lives, traveling the world, all while looking fashionably chic and eco-friendly. Their style represents cool brands and products that are socially responsible in order to help develop a good closet and home, as well as improve our perspective on consumerism.

How you can find Jill and Luke:

Instagram: @JilleMatthews @LukeMatthws

Blog: www.SuttonAndGrove.com


8. Evanna Lynch @MsEvyLynch


Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch is an actress, animal activist, and podcast host to The ChickPeeps, where she and her co-hosts discuss their philosophies, challenges and opinions on living the vegan lifestyle. The podcast also interviews some of the Animal Rights community’s most inspiring and seasoned activists and try to decipher the best ways of living that is kind to animals, themselves and Mother Earth. Evanna went vegetarian at the age of 11 for the animals, and then transitioned to veganism in 2014. Although Evanna is widely known for her role as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, she is quickly turning heads as one of social media’s favorite animal rights activists!  She hopes the ChickPeeps will help showcase the vegan lifestyle in a positive, joyful light and remind people that compassion for humans and animals alike is at the heart of the movement.

How you can find Evanna:

Instagram: @MsEvyLynch

Podcast: www.TheChickPeeps.com


9. Claire Buchanan @CrueltyFreeWithMe


Claire Buchanan

Claire Buchanan is the brains behind the blog Cruelty Free With Me where she provides delicious plant-based recipes, fair-fashion tips, all her favorite cruelty-free beauty products free of animal testing, as well as being an inspiration for others to start making conscious decisions. Being a boxing instructor, fitness is a huge part of her life. Her social media feeds not only inspire us to be more mindful of others, but to also take care of ourselves through physical fitness.

How you can find Claire:

Instagram: @CrueltyFreeWithMe

Blog: www.CrueltyFreeWithMe.com


10. Amanda of Mama Eats Plants @MamaEatsPlants


Mama Eats Plants


Amanda has a vegan lifestyle blog called Mama Eats Plants where she documents how her and her family live low waste, plant based diets. She shares vegan recipes and shares tips and tricks on how to reduce waste with a family of 4.

How you can find Amanda:

Instagram: @MamaEatsPlants

Blog: www.MamaEatsPlants.com


11. Tashina Combs @LogicalHarmony


Tashina Combs


Tashina Combs is the creator of the cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle blog Logical Harmony. Her goal to show that being cruelty-free doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your lifestyle. The products featured on Logical Harmony are those that she has personally vetted herself to ensure that they are cruelty-free and vegan. This means that the products are not tested on animals at any point during production, as a finished product, nor do they contain ingredients that have been tested on animals. They also do not contain any animal ingredients. Tashina also has a popular YouTube channel that offers beauty tutorials with cruelty-free and vegan products.

How you can find Tanisha:

Instagram: @LogicalHarmony

Blog: www.LogicalHarmony.net


12. Dominique Drakeford of Melanin & Sustainable Style 


Dominique Drakeford


Dominique Drakeford is an environmental educator, creative director and community advocate who works in so many different spheres to inspire ecological, cultural, and social change. She is the founder of Melanin & Sustainable Style (also known as MelaninASS), which is an evolutionary platform that discusses the issues and celebrates the success of communities of color in sustainable fashion, green beauty and wellness spaces. MelaninASS features exclusive interviews and creates original editorial content in collaboration with sustainable fashion designers and natural beauty brands. Dominique’s mission has been changing mainstream narratives on what sustainability looks like in practice while especially giving a voice to women of color. As a fashion-forward activist, she has appeared on the cover of Ethical Style Journal, written for numerous publications and partners with global luxe sustainable fashion brands.

How you can find Dominique:

Instagram: @MelaninASS 

Website: www.MelaninASS.com


13. Anne-Marie Bonneau @ZeroWasteChef


Anne-Marie Bonneau


Anne-Marie Banneau is a chef who runs her kitchen by following three rules: No packaging. Nothing processed. No trash. and has been plastic free since 2011. Anne-Marie shares her passion for food and being waste-free not only through her social media, but in her cooking classes as well. She is educating the masses on her tips and tricks on how to be an environmentally-conscious chef.

How you can find Anne-Marie:

Instagram: @ZeroWasteChef

Website: www.ZeroWasteChef.com


14. Shia of @WastelandRebel


Wasteland Rebel


Shia is the creator of Wasteland Rebel, a zero-waste blog documenting her journey of becoming vegan, zero waste, palm oil & plastic-free as well as living as a minimalist. Her blog features practical and simple recipes for home remedies, as well as tips and facts on general sustainability issues.

How you can find Shia:

Instagram: @WastelandRebel

Blog: www.WastelandRebel.com


15. Andrea Sanders @BeZeroWasteGirl


Andrea Sanders


Andrea Sanders is the founder of Be Zero, a non-profit organization dedicated to proving inspiring and engaging on-ramps for individuals to make personal lifestyle choices that drastically reduce their household trash and plastic consumption. Their goal is to helping others create more meaningful lifestyle habits through simplification, resourcefulness, and ingenuity while creating positive impacts on their local communities and ecosystems.

How you can find Andrea:

Instagram: @BeZeroWasteGirl

Website: www.BeZero.org


16. Jennifer Nini @EcoWarriorPrincess


Jennifer Nini

Jennifer Nini is an eco fashion advocate, environmental activist, and the founder of the media brand Eco Warrior Princess. What started off as a blog in 2010 has grown to become a new kind of media brand, redefining what it means to live sustainably. It delivers the latest in green intelligence, the way we prefer to read it: cleverly, honestly and analytically – without the fluff and BS. Eco Warrior Princess believes in media that matters. They report on the following topics: sustainability, social justice, ethical fashion, conscious living, feminism, responsible business, green tech and politics. Jennifer not only informs, but empowers the masses on what it means to live sustainably.

How you can find Jennifer:

Instagram: @EcoWarriorPrincess

Website: www.EcoWarriorPrincess.net


17. Alden Wicker @EcoCult


Alden Wicker


Alden Wicker is the editor in chief of the blog, EcoCult. EcoCult is a curious, thoughtful, science-based view into sustainable fashion and travel in New York City and internationally. Her social feed documents her life as her and her husband travel the world and live a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. Alden is also a journalist and has been featured in many well-known publications such as Glamour, Quartz, Newsweek, Fast Company, Rodale’s Organic Life, Refinery29, and Racked. Many of Alden’s focus is in sustainable fashion and sustainable travel.

How you can find Alden:

Instagram: @EcoCult

Website: www.EcoCult.com


18. Natalie Kay @SustainablyChic


Natalie Kay


Natalie Kay is the creator of Sustainably Chic, a blog that is dedicated to sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle and is a place where fashion can exist responsibly. Natalie uses her platform to inspiring others to have a more conscious & meaningful wardrobe that can be chic at the same time.

How you can find Natalie:

Instagram: @SustainablyChic

Website: www.Sustainably-Chic.com


19. Kathryn Kellogg @Going.Zero.Waste


Kathryn Kellogg


Kathryn Kellogg is the creator of Going Zero Waste, a blog documenting her journey to reduce waste, find alternatives to plastic, eat whole foods, and collecting adventures instead of “things”. She breaks zero-waste down into a step-by-step process that is easy to follow.

How you can find Kathryn:

Instagram: @Going.Zero.Waste

Website: www.GoingZeroWaste.com


20. Dana of Babe + Beauty @BabeAndBeauty


Babe and Beauty


Dana is a Licensed Esthetician focusing on clean, green and cruelty-free beauty. Her blog, Clean + Beauty takes a scientific approach to picking the very best products. Her goal is to educate people on the physiology of the skin, chemistry of ingredients and healthier beauty & wellness options.

How you can find Dana:

Instagram: @BabeAndBeauty

Website: www.BabeAndBeauty.com




At SkinnyFit, we’re all about health and wellness. So this Earth Day we’re encouraging our community to do its part ♻ in keeping our 🌎 healthy, because every little thing you do helps preserve the world for future generations.

If you’re not sure where to start being more conscious, start with yourself. You can try one of our all-natural health and wellness products to make your journey to better health a priority, and then head on over to our social channels and let us know how you’re making the world a greener place by using the hashtag #skinnyfitlove. 

If you’re looking for some eco-inspo go check out these amazing eco-friendly influencers for more tips and tricks on how to love our planet!





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