3 Little-Known Ways To Make Healthy Eating Simple


Written by: Liz Brown - Mar. 13, 2018

Healthy Eating Simple  

Do you want to start eating healthier but just don’t know how or where to begin? I understand that starting a new fitness/health regime can feel like a huge task, especially if you have a busy schedule. We have so much information available to us on a daily basis it can sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming, but I am here to help make it as easy as possible. Believe it or not, a lot of the stress you feel about transitioning your diet can be fixed by changing your perspective about the process. It’s very common to overcomplicate things that are outside of our comfort zones. I am going to provide you with 3 little-known ways to make healthy eating simple. With these simple strategies you can finally start losing weight and feeling healthy without all the stress and overwhelm!

Before we get started it’s important that you are in a healthy mindset. So first and foremost, I want you to repeat after me:

“I am ready to love and respect my body by providing it the best and most nutritious foods I can. The number on the scale does not define my worth or my beauty. I am not perfect and I cannot expect to be perfect during this process; But I can make conscious choices that will help me achieve my goal. Slay, Queen”

Okay, now that our pep talk is out of the way, let’s begin!

Secret #1: Cleanse & Detox

But it is time to raid your fridge and cupboards and PURGE THE JUNK FOOD. That means all sweets, chips, crackers, candy, ice cream, cookies, popcorn, etc… If it can survive the zombie apocalypse, GET RID OF IT. I want you to do everything in your power to avoid processed foods, refined sugars, and fast foods.

I’m sure a lot of you are reading this and think i’m absolutely bonkers for suggesting that, especially if you have children in the house. But in order for you to stay sane during your transition to healthy living, you need to cut out the temptations (even if it’s temporary). Just think “out of sight, out of mind” and try to focus on this task for the next 7 days! After a few days you won’t even think about it anymore and it will just become your new normal.

During this time you should also focus on flushing out the toxins that are currently in your system. SkinnyFit Detox was formulated specifically to cleanse your body and release toxins that cause unnecessary bloating and fat storage. It contains 13 fat burning superfoods and helps make healthy eating easier! Get your Detox by Clicking Here.

If you have sensitivity to caffeine then try our night time blend, ZzzTox. It contains the same fat burning benefits as our original formula but without the caffeine.

Ensuring that you get an adequate amount of water throughout the day will help the Detox be as effective as possible. Here’s a quick tip on how much water you should be drinking each day:

Drink ½ of your bodyweight in ounces of water.

For example: If you weigh 150 lbs, you should aim to drink 75 oz of water each day. Keep in mind that you should drink more water in warmer climates or if you are participating in any physical activities.


    • Limit processed foods and fast foods
    • Avoid added sugars
    • Cut back on alcohol (yes, even wine)
  • Drink ½ your bodyweight in ounces of water, daily.

Secret #2: Nourish

The next step is to incorporate nutrient dense foods into your diet. Nutrient dense foods are lower in calories but higher in fiber and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Examples of nutrient dense foods are fruits and vegetables.

These types of foods will help regulate your digestive system and boost metabolism. Incorporating these changes will also help you to feel fuller longer, and provide added benefits such as: better quality sleep, clearer skin, and higher energy levels.

MyPlate.gov recommends that adult females should eat at least 3 servings of vegetables per day (Green vegetables provide the highest amount of fiber compared to non-green vegetables), 2 servings of fruit per day, and 2-4 servings of whole grains per day.

In addition to nourishing with fruits and vegetables, Belly Balance is designed to promote healthy digestion, relieve stomach discomfort, calms bloating, and helps you absorb more nutrients. This is a great supplement to help you feel cleaner, leaner, and healthier from the inside out and make healthy eating easier!


    • 3 servings of vegetables per day (Green veggies for higher fiber)
    • 2 servings of fruit per day
    • 2-4 servings of whole grains per day (portions vary from person to person and fitness goals)
  • Use Belly Balance daily to regulate your digestive system and relieve any stomach discomfort related to dietary changes.

Secret #3: Fuel

Now that you’ve cleansed, detoxed, and nourished your body with lots of vitamins and minerals, it’s time to add some sustainability into your diet. It’s time to FUEL UP! The third step is to incorporate healthy fats (the good kinds of fat) and lean proteins.

Unsaturated fats are also known as the good kind of fat. Unsaturated fats, like monounsaturated and  polyunsaturated fats reduce your Low-Density Lipoprotein levels (LDL’s, aka “bad cholesterol”) and increase your High-Density Lipoprotein levels (HDLS, aka “good cholesterol). Remember, good fats fight off the bad fats that lead to heart disease and other health issues!

A few examples of healthy fats are olive oils, nuts, avocado, seeds, salmon, and nut butters. There are many other options but these are just a few.

Lean proteins provide good BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids aka building blocks for protein) that help build and maintain a healthy lean muscle mass.

Some examples of lean protein are chicken breasts, turkey, white fish, eggs/egg whites, shrimp, quinoa.

Healthy fats and proteins are considered macronutrients (2 of the necessary nutrients that humans need in large amounts in order to sustain life). Our bodies rely on macronutrients as energy and fuel every single day.

Hunger pains can occur between meals as an indication that our bodies are ready for more food. Hunger Buster was created to help curb your cravings between meals to make losing weight and healthy eating easier!


    • Unsaturated fats over any other fats
    • Eat 3 servings of lean proteins per day
  • Have one serving of Hunger Buster daily to curb your appetite cravings between meals.

Why Are These Are So Effective?

It’s important to remember that most women not only struggle to lose weight, but struggle to keep the weight off once they’ve lost it. So, why are these 3 strategies so effective? The answer is because none of the three secrets involve a crash diet.

It’s fair to say that in order to see a change you need to make a change. And the most effective way to make a lasting, sustainable change is to adjust your mindset to focus on what you need to eat MORE of instead of what you need to eat LESS of.

It pains me to hear stories of women who have tried and failed to reach their weight loss goals because losing weight doesn’t have to be stressful, overwhelming, or complicated anymore.

SkinnyFit is here to help you every step of the way.

This is your chance to finally lose the weight you’ve been wanting to lose for so long… You have nothing to lose (but inches) and everything to gain by saying yes to yourself and yes to the next step!

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