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How To Choose The Best Green Superfood Powder (+ 9 Best Green Superfoods)

Written by Lauren Villa

Green superfood powder has been the best-kept secret to getting all of your vitamins and minerals at once, until now! Discover the top 9 most powerful superfoods and the #1 green superfood powder for 2020!

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One of my year’s favorite discoveries has been green superfood powder! I’m always looking for easy, quick ways to pack in my nutrients on-the-go. But before I get into all of the green juice benefits, let’s answer a few questions, like what is green superfood powder and what is the best greens powder for you? 

Whether you’re looking for a way to make a long day at the office, a full day with the kids, or your hardcore study sessions healthier, we have a greens breakdown just for you. If you’re retired and hitting the road this summer to visit EVERY national park in the United States, or you are planning to host the grandkids while your own children travel Europe, having a green juice powder on hand can help you save money and time. Although I love the days when I have space in my schedule to make a colorful salad as big as my head the unfortunate reality is that those days are few and far between.  

Here’s what we’ll cover:

green superfood powder


What Is Greens Superfood Powder?

A green superfood powder is a nutritional supplement that you can take to supplement your diet with a variety of powerful superfood ingredients—all of which are found in green superfoods. Getting all of the green superfoods you need on a daily basis can be difficult AND expensive. Save time and money with a green superfood powder. Taking a green powder supplement is by far the most simple and convenient way to get all of the nutrients these superfoods provide in one delicious scoop! Not to mention, it saves you a TON of time and money that would otherwise be spent on expensive smoothies or buying all of the groceries necessary to pack in the same amount of nutrients. 

Let’s face it, we’ve come a long way from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle we lived centuries ago when our diet was extremely varied based on seasons and migration. Humans back then ate a variety of fruits and vegetables each day, and over the course of a year, their diets were full of different nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to keep them healthy and strong.

In today’s world, supermarket produce is much less varied. Oftentimes, the produce has traveled thousands of miles, or even across oceans to reach our table! So what’s the answer to ensuring we get all the nutrients we need? An easy, delicious, simple-to-take green superfood powder health supplement that ensures you get all the proper nutrition in your diet. 


Green Juice Benefits 

Green juice is the result of mixing a green superfood powder with water. Most green superfood powders are packed with vitamins, minerals, and superfoods that can provide a variety of health benefits. Here are the benefits you can expect when you add a green juice powder to your diet:


9 Best Green Superfoods

Here’s a breakdown of the 9 best green superfoods to supplement your diet. Drinking a daily green superfood powder is a great way to make sure your body has all of the antioxidants and nutrients it needs to improve daily life.

1. Chlorella

Chlorella is a widely studied plant that lives in freshwater. It’s known for helping the body detoxify, improve eye health, support liver health, and even relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)! (4) It’s a nutrient-dense algae with a wide range of health benefits, including: (1

Fun fact: Chlorella is microscopic and not much larger than a red blood cell! (3)

2. Spirulina

Spirulina is an incredible microalgae. Why is it important to consume microalgae? Well, these teensy tiny microorganisms live in water and contain incredible amounts of vitamins and minerals. Spirulina is one of the most popular greens ingredients because it is an amazing source of antimicrobials. Antimicrobials are like your body’s disinfectant wipes. They fight off bacteria and keep things… well clean!

Land and water greens have completely different health profiles. When looking for the best greens powder, try to find one that has a mix of both types for maximum health results.

In fact, studies find that bioactive microalgae like spirulina can help combat obesity because they activate thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue and white adipose tissue (AKA stubborn fat). Along with reducing body fat, spirulina helps reduce inflammation! (2)

Fun fact: Protein accounts for 60-70% of spirulina’s dry weight. (7)

3. Spinach

Spinach is a great source of protein and belongs to the same family of nutritional powerhouses including quinoa, chard, and beets. It is a great source of Vitamin A, C, K1, folic acid, iron, and calcium. (5) Spinach is high in antioxidants and consuming spinach can help reduce oxidative stress. Research shows that oxidative stress can lead to a number of harmful medical conditions, like inflammation, cancer, and Alzheimers so make sure to find a powder that features spinach in its green juice benefits. (6)

Fun fact: March 26th is National Spinach Day.

4. Matcha

Watch out coffee lovers, here comes matcha! This ancient green superfood powder protects the liver and heart, supports brain function, and helps you lose weight. (8, 9, 10) Matcha also contains a super powerful amino acid called L-theanine, one of the few amino acids that can cross the blood-brain barrier, helping to reduce stress all day long. (11)

Fun fact: Matcha is packed with clean energy and antioxidants.

5. Moringa

Moringa is full of vitamins that protect and nourish the body. Moringa is high in antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, and protect the body against harmful toxins. (12, 13, 14)

Fun fact: Moringa’s nickname is the miracle tree.

6. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is packed with a concentrated amount of vitamins like A, C, E, K and nutrients including iron, calcium, phytonutrients, and chlorophyll. It’s loaded with protein and may aid in weight loss and obesity prevention. (15)

Fun fact: Health food stores have sold wheatgrass since the early 1940s. (16)

7. Alfalfa

The best green juice powders contain alfalfa. Why? Because alfalfa is high in Vitamin K and it’s widely known to lower cholesterol (17). Alfalfa protects against free radicals, is filled with antioxidants, and can improve blood sugar levels. (18)

Fun fact: Alfalfa can grow roots up to 50 feet! (19)

8. Artichoke

Not only are artichokes delicious, but they’re brimming with incredible nutrients like folate, Vitamin C, and K. Artichokes are shown to protect your liver health, lower blood sugar, and help remove harmful toxins from your body. (25)  

Fun Fact: Artichokes are part of the sunflower family!

9. Green tea

Start reading about the benefits of green tea and within minutes you’ll be asking yourself, what doesn’t green tea do right? Green tea tastes good, reduces stress, improves brain function, increases the body’s metabolism, and enhances focus… and those are just a few of the rockstar benefits. (20) What’s more, studies show it may decrease the chances of cancer, like prostate, breast, and colorectal cancer. (21, 22, 23)

Fun fact: Green tea can reduce bad breath! (24)

green superfood powder


How To Choose The Best Green Superfood Powder

If you’re ready to get serious about your health, investing in a greens powder is one of the best things you can do! There is no shortage of options in the health food store and online, so it’s up to you as the consumer to choose the best green superfood powder for your lifestyle.

What to avoid

When looking for a green superfood powder, here’s what you should avoid:

What to look for:

Always take a hard look at a green juice powder label. In general, supplement labels can be confusing, but most of them don’t have to be. If you don’t know what something is, Google it! You should feel 100% comfortable drinking everything on the label!

green superfood powder


The Best Green Superfood Powder

By now, I’m sure you’re itching to learn which is the BEST green superfood powder in 2020. With so many options to consider, doing your research is crucial! Thankfully, I’ve done that for you! My #1 choice for the best green superfood powder is SkinnyFit Skinny Greens. SkinnyFit Skinny Greens is packed with 34 powerful superfoods, adaptogens, and pre and probiotics so that you get a variety of greens in just ONE delicious scoop. Skinny Greens is specially formulated to trim your waistline, help you shed pounds, eliminate brain fog, and amplify energy. With all of the green juice powders on the market, it’s hard to know which one to buy. But, using this guide, now you know what to look for in the best green superfood powder. 

Here’s why SkinnyFit Skinny Greens is the best: 

As the best green superfood powder this supplement has everything you need to feel your healthiest—inside and out. Don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself and share your experience with the SkinnyFit community! 

skinny greens superfood powder

About The Author

Lauren Villa

Holistic Health Expert., M.P.H.

Lauren is a writer, artist, and yoga teacher and passionate about helping others live a healthy life. She has a Masters degree in Public Health with an emphasis in Maternal and Child Health and has a holistic outlook on the mind-body connection. When she isn’t writing, you will likely find her at the beach, painting, or writing poetry.

  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • M.P.H., Maternal & Child Health
  • NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

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