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How To Balance Hormones Naturally (+ Symptoms & Causes)

Written by Shelby Torrese

Reviewed by Liz Brown

Learning how to balance hormones is tough for many women. Luckily, there are natural remedies you can include in your diet that will help. Here are five to start with today!

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Even though my sister and I are 8 years apart, we always seem to experience things in unison. I gave her a call one day to chat about hormones, and she said her jaw nearly dropped to the floor. She had been struggling with imbalanced hormones too!

I had been on hormonal birth control for years (which for some women, can totally disrupt natural hormone production) and she was dealing with a heightened amount of stress at the time. We were both missing our periods, going through crazy mood swings, and felt our metabolisms were all out of whack. We both desperately wanted to get our bodies back on track, and learn how to balance hormones. Which is when I started researching plant medicine and how to balance hormones naturally.

I knew I had to learn how to balance hormones naturally if I wanted to be as healthy as possible. Sure enough, I discovered a ton of foods and lifestyle changes that can seamlessly guide hormones back to equilibrium. There are, of course, some amazing supplemnts to balance hormones, too! I’ll go over my favorite ones for you below. After a few months of eating right and supplementing well, I got my period back and felt like a totally new person who was much happier than before.

Understanding how to balance hormones is complicated. SkinnyFit breaks it down.

Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance

Signs you may be experiencing hormone imbalances may be, but not limited to:[1]

  • Lack of menstruation
  • Unwanted hair growth
  • Mood swings, including depression or anxiety
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Dryness

What Causes Hormone Imbalance?

You may be unknowingly disrupting your hormones. Some causes of hormonal imbalances, may be, but are not limited to:[2]

  • Hormonal birth control
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Poor diet
  • Diabetes
  • Overactive thyroids
Understanding how to balance hormones through diet can help reset your body and easy hormone imbalance symptoms like sleeplessness.

Tips For Balancing Hormones Naturally 

When researching how to balance hormones, you may find yourself staring at a laundry list of prescription pills and injections, which can cause imbalances of their own. Instead, I like to encourage people to learn how to balance hormones naturally with things like food, herbs, and adaptogens. Below I’ll introduce you to my favorite supplements to balance hormones, and how to balance hormones right on your dinner (or breakfast, or lunch!) table. Amazing!

1. Adaptogens

Adaptogens literally help our bodies to adapt to our surroundings. When we become stressed, adaptogens, like reishi mushrooms for example, can help calm our nervous system and get out of fight or flight mode. If we’re feeling fatigued, adaptogens like cordyceps and lion’s mane can help kick our brains into gear and focus. [3] I always recommend adaptogens for anyone wanting to learn how to balance hormones naturally. In fact, all of my favorite adaptogens can be found in my favorite supplements to balance hormones: Skinny Greens and Beauty Juice. These green and red superfood powders contain the five best adaptogens for energy and stress, respectively. I love them because they make sticking to my health and hormone-balancing goals easy! The real bonus is that you just add one scoop to water and can sip on-the-go. They taste amazing, and they really work. After just a few weeks I noticed I was overall happier, and even slimmer. Not all supplements to balance hormones actually work, but I can personally (and happily) attest to these two!

SkinnyFit SkinnyGreens and Beauty Juice shown mixed with water for a great answer to how to balance hormones

2. Cacao

Yes, we’re talking about chocolate here for how to balance hormones! Cacao, or raw chocolate, boasts high levels of healthy magnesium and iron–both of which contribute to healthy levels of serotonin and dopamine. [4]These important hormones are known as the “pleasure hormones” because they help to regulate mood, muscle function, body temperature, and appetite. I think cacao is at the top of my “how to balance hormones naturally” list, because, hello, chocolate! Still, you have to be mindful of the type of chocolate you’re eating. 100% raw, dark chocolate is not delicious to everyone. If you typically enjoy milk chocolate or 60% dark chocolate, you may want to opt for a cacao powder instead. I like to add a tablespoon of raw cacao into my smoothies, coffee, and oatmeal, to name a few.

Eating cacao is a great help in how to balance hormones3. Maca

Maca powder is a mighty little thing! I say little because you must start with very small doses. Maca root is a natural energizer and hormone balancer, so starting out with just a ⅛ tsp will do the trick. Maca root helps to nurture our hypothalamus and pituitary glands, which are arguably our most important glands because they control so many of our hormones.[5] As mentioned, maca root will increase energy, which is why dosage is so important. Ever had too much coffee? Yeah, overconsumption of maca is much worse. 😳 While introducing it into your diet may require some fine-tuning at first, it is by far the greatest root for how to balance hormones naturally. Maca historically has been used as a stimulant. [2] It helps to increase mood, performance, and energy levels. If you need to increase energy and learn how to balance hormones, this is the root for you!

How to balance hormones with maca and SkinnyFit 4. Omega-3s

Do not fear the fats! Healthy omega-3 fats, like flax, avocado, and salmon are literally what healthy hormones are built upon. If you are serious about learning how to balance hormones naturally, you’ll want to start adding healthy fats into your diet. Omega-3s include estrogen hormones like phytoestrogen. This hormone has been said to help with menopausal side effects, like hot flashes. [1] While fatty acids are important for overall health, they will be especially important for anyone interested in how to balance hormones with food. P.S. Most fish oil and other fatty-acid supplements are ineffective, which is why eating foods that are rich in Omega-3 are best. Supplements often go rancid (e.g., ineffective) long before they make it to shelves. [3]

Omega 3s, such as those in avocado, shown here, are a great choice when learning how to balance hormones5 Leafy greens

If you’ve ever been told, “Eat your greens!” it wasn’t just for getting your daily vitamins and minerals! Dark leafy greens help to fight inflammation and even help to lower cortisol levels.[6] Cortisol is our stress hormone. When one hormone is out of control, they almost always all run haywire along with it. If you’re not great at eating your greens, try drinking them instead with Skinny Greens superfood powder. Like I said before, it’s one of my top recommended supplements to balance hormones because it contains fruits and vegetables, hormone balancing adaptogens, an energy boosting blend, and even a pre- and probiotic blend.

SkinnyFit Skinny Greens, shown here, is a great choice for people wondering how to balance hormones without spending lots of money on groceries.

The Bottom Line

Suffering with hormone imbalance is not fun, nor is it easy to navigate. If you feel like you’ve been out of balance for some time, and want to learn how to balance hormones naturally, I hope you enjoyed this post! From personal experience, I know that the research that goes into finding out how to balance hormones can be disheartening. The supplements to balance hormones I mentioned, Skinny Greens and Beauty Juice, are so easy to take, and so tasty, that I know you’ll love them (and the results, too!).

I hope you learned not only how to balance hormones, but that it IS possible to do so naturally! As always, if you are dealing with chronic issues, always consult your doctor or physician before starting any new supplements. 

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About The Author

Shelby Torrese

Nutrition, Movement & Meditation Coach

Shelby Torrese is a wellness enthusiast (and matcha fanatic!) from Miami, FL. She attributes her love of movement to her mom, a personal trainer, and her love of food to her dad, a farmer. She studied creative writing in college while getting her yoga certification, and went on to pursue fitness and nutrition in grad school. Her go-to advice is, “Balance,” and she is a firm believer that the ocean can cure just about everything.

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
  • NASM Certified Nutrition Coach
  • M.S. in Human Performance


Reviewed By

Liz Brown

Fitness & Nutrition Expert (CPT., FNS.)

Liz is a health & wellness expert, writer, and editor with over a decade of experience in the fitness & nutrition industry. She emphasizes research and simplifies complex topics to help make healthy living simple and sustainable. When she isn't researching and writing, she's sharing delicious recipes, easy DIYs, and home decor tips on her blog and social media.

More from Liz, visit: Personal Blog, TikTok, Instagram


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer(since 2012)
  • NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (since 2014)
  • Credentialed Coach Practitioner, Coach Training Academy
  • B.A. Liberal Studies (Health & Nutrition Sciences)
  • A.A. Liberal Arts (STEM)

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