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How To Make Chocolate Covered Caramel Apple Slices On A Stick

Written by Shelby Torrese

These chocolate-covered caramel apples on a stick are the perfect healthy dessert to serve at your next family gathering!

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These chocolate-covered caramel apples on a stick are the perfect healthy dessert to serve at your next family gathering!

One of my favorite memories growing up was getting to go to work with my dad. He was a farmer, so going to work with him meant we were up at the crack of dawn and on the road by about 5:30 AM. You’re probably wondering why a kid would be so excited by this. Well, it was just the price I was willing to pay to get fast food breakfast. Yes, I love my sleep, but I’m a daddy’s girl first and foremost. And if waking up at 5:30 AM meant getting to hang out with my dad and eat caramel apple slices before the sun rose, I was in.

Caramel apple slices, and any form of them, are just one of those foods that take me to my childhood. Doesn’t matter if they’re caramel apple bites or caramel apple slices on a stick, they remind me of riding in my dad’s soil-covered pick-up truck and the smell of freshly oil-filled fryers. But now I’m a bit older, and much more conscious of what went into making those caramel apple slices so dang delicious. I’m never going to stop eating them, though, so I just had to learn how to health-ify them. My specialty!

chocolate caramel apples on a stick

Healthy Caramel Apple Bites

Call them what you want—caramel apple slices or caramel apple bites—here is what make this healthy version of them better for you than the fast food version I grew up on:

  • They keep the doctor away—The saying is true! Apples are very nutritious, packing in a healthy dose of fiber, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K, manganese, vitamin A, and various B vitamins.
  • Lower risk of diabetes—The caramel may put a dent in this one, but studies show that people who regularly eat apples are associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. [1]
  • Gorgeous, glowing skin—The addition of Super Youth collagen in these caramel apple slices helps keep skin moisturized and elastic, improving overall glow and complexion. [2]
  • Less wrinkles—Talk about a win-win. The addition of collagen in this recipe helps boost our own collagen protein production, which is the amino acid responsible for keeping our skin tight and toned, and prevents and reduces wrinkles. [3]
  • Strong nails—Another incredible benefit of collagen is it helps to keep our nails strong and supports healthy growth. If you have short, brittle nails, make collagen your new best friend. [4]

How To Make Caramel Apple Slices On A Stick

Making caramel apple slices on a stick is much easier than it sounds. First, wash and slice your apples. I personally like thin slices, but if you prefer caramel apple bites, slice them into chunks. Then, insert popsicle sticks into each one. Set them aside, and get started on the chocolate sauce. Simply microwave your chocolate chips in 30-second intervals, about 4 times, for a total of 2 minutes. Stir in the coconut oil once melted, and dip your apple slices into the chocolate. Once your apple slices are all laid out and covered in chocolate, drizzle your caramel sauce of choice over them. Refrigerate your caramel apple slices in the fridge for about an hour, and enjoy!

Chocolate Covered Caramel Apple Slices On A Stick

These chocolate-covered caramel apples on a stick are the perfect healthy dessert to serve at your next family gathering!
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Serving Size: 12 slices


  • 2 large apples (fuji or honeycrisp)
  • 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 scoops Super Youth Chocolate Cake collagen
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • Caramel sauce for drizzling
  • ½ cup chopped pecans
  • 12 popsicle sticks


  1. Slice apples into 1/2″ pieces.With a knife make a little slit in the bottom of each apple slice to make it easier to insert a popsicle stick. Insert a popsicle stick into each piece of apple. Set aside.
  2. In a medium bowl, melt chocolate chips in the microwave on high for about 2 minutes (in 30 second intervals, don’t overheat because the chocolate will burn). Stir in coconut oil and Chocolate Super Youth and mix until smooth. (If the apples are extra juicy, pat down with a paper towel before dipping.) Dip apple slices in chocolate and place on parchment lined cookie sheet.
  3. Drizzle the caramel sauce over chocolate and sprinkle with nuts.
  4. Refrigerate for about 1 hour. Serve and enjoy immediately. 

About The Author

Shelby Torrese

Nutrition, Movement & Meditation Coach

Shelby Torrese is a wellness enthusiast (and matcha fanatic!) from Miami, FL. She attributes her love of movement to her mom, a personal trainer, and her love of food to her dad, a farmer. She studied creative writing in college while getting her yoga certification, and went on to pursue fitness and nutrition in grad school. Her go-to advice is, “Balance,” and she is a firm believer that the ocean can cure just about everything.

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
  • NASM Certified Nutrition Coach
  • M.S. in Human Performance


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