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The Key to Healthier Hair & Nails Year Round

Written by Lauren E

Brittle nails and dry hair, we’ve all been there! Growing up with naturally frizzy hair, figuring out how to keep it styled and hydrated has been a constant struggle. However, I’ve realized that it’s a universal struggle, no matter your age! The thing is, hair and nails aren’t just accessories, but they’re also a reflection [...]
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Brittle nails and dry hair, we’ve all been there! Growing up with naturally frizzy hair, figuring out how to keep it styled and hydrated has been a constant struggle. However, I’ve realized that it’s a universal struggle, no matter your age! The thing is, hair and nails aren’t just accessories, but they’re also a reflection of your inner well-being and an integral part of overall health. Although lustrous hair and healthy, polished nails are often seen as symbols of beauty and youthfulness, their conditions can also provide valuable insights into your internal health. Neglecting these aspects can lead to a handful of problems, affecting not only physical appearance but also overall self-esteem and confidence. Maintaining hair and nails can be challenging, especially throughout changes in the weather and seasons, but I’m excited to share with you some simple yet effective self-care tips and tricks that have helped me. Get ready to take notes and unlock your true beauty from inside out!  

Hair & Nail Health

What exactly does healthy hair and nails look like? We’ve all seen the hair ads with models flipping their glossy, luscious hair in slow motion – and although it’s definitely exaggerated, healthy hair is in fact characterized by its shine, smoothness, and elasticity. Similarly, healthy nails are strong, free from discoloration, and have a natural shine. What factors contribute to achieving and maintaining this ideal combination, you might ask? 

First and foremost, diet plays a super important role. Nourishing our bodies with a balanced intake of crucial vitamins and minerals (like biotin, zinc, and iron) is absolutely essential for strong hair and nails. One guaranteed way to work these nutrients into your diet is to pack in the nutrient-rich foods like eggs, leafy greens, and nuts! Another key factor is hydration. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!! Drinking enough water every day is definitely something I struggle with myself, but when I make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water, it truly shows. My complexion is smoother and brighter, and my hair and nails are next-level shiny. Our hair and nails love water just as much as the rest of our body does! 

Last, but certainly not least, is collagen! Could’ve seen that one coming, right? Collagen supplementation supplies the body with specific amino acids, such as proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline, which are integral to the formation of strong hair and resilient nails! By enhancing our collagen levels, these supplements contribute to improved support for hair follicles and nail beds, helping reduce hair thinning, breakage, and nail brittleness. As collagen is absorbed and distributed throughout the body, its impact starts from within – promoting healthier hair and nails from the inside out!

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Tips for Healthy Hair

From frizz in humid summers to dryness in cold winters, maintaining healthy hair year-round can feel like a daunting task. However, I have the tips to help you, and guess what? They aren’t just about external care, but more on the importance of nourishing from within, too! Follow these tips and unlock the secrets to radiant, healthy hair that stays strong and shines bright throughout the year.

Balanced Diet, Beautiful Hair – As I mentioned before, your diet plays a significant role in the health of your hair. Include vitamins and minerals like biotin, vitamin E, and iron by adding foods to your diet such as leafy greens, eggs, fish, and nuts to your daily meals. Also, starting your day off with 2 scoops of Super Youth wouldn’t hurt, either! Get those collagen peptides, girl!

Hydrated, Happy Hair – Again, I can’t emphasize the importance of hydration enough! Drinking plenty of water not only keeps your hair hydrated but also prevents dryness and brittleness in your hair. Cheers to healthier strands! 

Gentle Hair Care – If there’s one thing you should pay attention to when purchasing hair products, it’s the ingredients. Opt for sulfate-free and mild shampoos and conditioners to avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils. Your hair will thank you!

Shield from Heat Damage – As difficult as this may be, try limiting the use of heat styling tools, but when you do style, always make sure to apply a heat protectant spray to safeguard your hair from damage.

Trim Regularly – Snip snip! Regular hair trims aren’t just for maintaining your cute haircut, but they also prevent split ends while maintaining the overall health of your hair.

Nourish with Oil Treatments – Try incorporating natural oils like coconut, argan, or jojoba into your hair care routine, and give your hair the rejuvenation it deserves! By limiting washes and nourishing with oil treatments in between, your hair will be nourished and shinier than ever. Shine bright, queen!

Weather Protection & Satin Sleep – In order to protect your hair from weather conditions year round, be mindful of wearing hats or scarves when you’re out and about! In addition, opting for a silk or satin pillowcase can minimize friction, which prevents breakage and will have you waking up as a goddess with glossy hair!

Tips for Healthy Nails

From dryness in the winter to potential damage caused by summer activities, our nails could always use some extra love and care. By following these nail-care tips you’ll keep your nails nourished from within! 

Hydration – In addition to hydrating your skin and hair, it’s important to give some love to your nails, too. Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your nails moisturized and prevent brittleness!

Protein-Packed Diet – Incorporating enough protein-rich foods into your diet like meats and eggs is guaranteed to provide building blocks for strong and resilient nails.

Load Up on Vitamin E – Vitamin-E is essential for nail growth and health. Nuts, seeds, and spinach are great sources of this vitamin that your nails absolutely love!

About The Author

Lauren E

Lauren is a creative and lifestyle writer from Atlanta Georgia, with a passion for art, fashion, food & staying fit. She loves running, dance, yoga, and anything outdoors (with the company of her adorable pup!). You can almost always find her with a camera or notebook in hand, or on the hunt for local live music!

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