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[VIDEO]: 10-Minute Booty Burner Workout (No Equipment)

Written by Lex Gautier

Follow along and workout with one of our SkinnyFit trainers in real-time! Tone your tush in just 10 minutes, no equipment needed!

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10-Minute Booty Burner Workout

Join your SkinnyFit Trainer in this quick & intense follow-along workout that targets your booty! No equipment or weights needed!

  • Level:Β Beginner
  • Focus: Glutes
  • Equipment:Β None
  • Type:Β Follow Along
  • Duration: 10 Minutes
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10-Minute Booty Burner Workout

  • Donkey kicks x16 (each side)
  • Fire hydrants x16 (each side)
  • Leg lift x16 (each side)
  • Side leg lifts x16 (each side)
  • Rainbow taps x16 (each side)


  • Plank squat holds x8
  • Single-leg squat (leg back) x 8 (each side)
  • Standing kickbacks x16 (each side)


  • Glute bridge (feet hip-distance) x16
  • Glute bridge (feet together on toes) x16
  • Single leg glute bridge x16 (each side)

About The Author

Lex Gautier

Lex Gautier

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