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[VIDEO]: 25-Minute Full-Body Home Workout (No Equipment)

Written by Lex Gautier

Follow along and workout with one of our SkinnyFit trainers in real-time! Tone up and burn calories in just 25 minutes, no equipment required.

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25-Minute Full-Body Workout

Let’s workout, together! Follow along as we complete this 25-minute full-body workout that you can do anywhere (modifications included)! You won’t need any equipment all, just some water, a mat, and your Jump Start!

  • Level: Beginner
  • Focus: Full Body
  • Equipment: None
  • Type: Follow Along
  • Duration: 25 Minutes
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25-Minute Full Body Workout

4-minute warm-up

2 Rounds Each:

  • Squats x 8
  • Pluses x 8

1 Round:

  • Squat to twist crunch x 16

2 Rounds Each:Β 

  • Side lunges x8
  • Pulses x8

1 Round:

  • Inchworms to pushup x10

2 Rounds Each:

  • Knee to chest (from push-up position) x 8 each side
  • Push-ups (narrow) x8
  • Push-ups (wide) x8
  • Donkey Kicks x8 (each side)
  • Pulses x8 (each side)
  • Supermans to row x 8
  • Glute bridge x16
  • Single-leg bridge x8 (each side)

1 Round Each:

  • Crunches x16
  • Reach throughs x16
  • Bicycle holds x8 each side
  • Leg lifts x16

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Lex Gautier

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