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How To Make A Creamy & Chocolatey Coffee Smoothie!

If you love coffee and chocolate, you’ll LOVE this creamy chocolate coffee smoothie recipe! Satisfy your sweet tooth & caffeine boost at the same time!

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If you love coffee and chocolate, you’ll LOVE this creamy chocolate coffee smoothie recipe! Satisfy your sweet tooth & caffeine boost at the same time!

Coffee and Mondays go together like shoes and socks, like soap and water, or my personal favorite, like wine and cheese. But my Monday morning routine has become a bit mundane, and plain ol’ coffee just doesn’t seem to be cutting it anymore.

Since quarantine began, I’ve found myself needing something more. A bigger, bolder, Monday pick-me-up with some pizaz! I also wanted something with my coffee that made it healthier, you know, some added benefits besides just my morning buzz. 

Enter the coffee smoothie…

Coffee smoothie?! What is this crazy concoction, you might ask? Well, if you love coffee, and you love smoothies, your Monday mornings are about to get a whole lot sweeter, and healthier!

The ultimate coffee smoothie recipe is here, and you won’t believe what it has to offer!

Chocolate coffee smoothie
Chocolate coffee smoothie

Coffee Smoothie Benefits

This isn’t just any coffee smoothie folks. No no. This coffee smoothie recipe has some awesome health and wellness benefits that might actually have you looking forward to Mondays. 

No really, I’m not kidding. Since this beautiful mocha smoothie came into my life, I’m getting up on the right side of the bed more than I used to, even my pets have taken notice. 🐶

So, ready to shake up your coffee routine as well? Check out the incredible benefits of this mocha smoothie below!

1. Nutrients + antioxidants

This mocha smoothie contains oats, which have a ton of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in them. By adding in oats to this coffee smoothie recipe, you’ve so very easily added iron, zinc, magnesium, and fiber into your diet. 

Remember back in the day when parents used to give their kids oatmeal baths to help stop itching? This is because oats contain avenanthramides (1). Avenanthramides have anti-itching and anti-inflammatory effects, and even may help lower pressure.

With these great benefits to start your morning out right, it’s no wonder we added them to this coffee smoothie recipe! 

This coffee smoothie also contains banana, a fan favorite among most due to its delicious taste and powerful antioxidants. Bananas contain many antioxidants linked to heart health, and contain potassium that may help improve kidney health and blood pressure. 

The two of these ingredients together in this mocha smoothie help to make you feel more full, so you can snack less throughout the day and hit your weight loss goals quicker!

2. Youthful skin

This coffee smoothie recipe also contains the holy grail of all ingredients—SkinnyFit Super Youth Multi Collagen Peptides!

Super Youth contains all five types of collagen peptides needed in order to smooth out fine lines and reduce cellulite, strengthen and repair weak joints and muscles, help grow hair and nails, and even help relieve uncomfortable digestion issues. 

The best part? This coffee smoothie is made with the delectable, soon-to-be world famous, Super Youth Chocolate Cake collagen, making it the mocha smoothie of the decade!

Do you know any other coffee smoothie recipe that can do all this? Me neither. The rich chocolatey flavor that Super Youth provides, can even help you get your chocolate fix, the healthy way!

Chocolate coffee smoothie

How To Make A Chocolate Mocha Smoothie

I’m not trying to complicate your Monday mornings anymore than they already are. That’s why this mocha smoothie is the easiest coffee smoothie you will ever make. 

This coffee smoothie takes just a few minutes to make, and the benefits from it will make it well worth your while! 

And because this coffee smoothie is only 227 calories with filling ingredients, it will help you stay full and cut unwanted calories throughout the day. A mocha smoothie might sound sweet, but this recipe contains only natural sugar, so while it’ll feel like you’re drinking dessert for breakfast, you’re really just getting in a healthy morning boost to start your day off right!

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Chocolate Coffee Smoothie

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Serving Size: 1 smoothie


  • ½ cup almond milk (or milk of choice)
  • ½ cup black coffee, chilled
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 scoop Super Youth Chocolate Cake collagen
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 4 tbsp rolled oats


  1. Put everything in a blender and mix until smooth. Serve and enjoy your mocha smoothie!
Total Calories: 227 calories
Carbs: 42g
Fats: 3g
Protein: 12g
Sugar: 15g (natural)
Fiber: 6g

About The Author

Samantha Wasielewski

Nutrition Enthusiast

Samantha is a wellness and lifestyle writer from Chicago Illinois, obsessed with food and fitness. She loves putting healthy twists on not-so-healthy food favorites that everyone can enjoy. You can often find her at the beach reading and writing, or playing with her BFF Milton (the cutest dog you’ve ever seen).

  • MA Communication Studies

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