5 Simple Exercises To Tone Your Butt & Thighs At Home (Using A Resistance Band & Chair!)


Written by: Liz Brown - Apr. 22, 2019

exercises to tone your butt  

We all dream about having a perfectly perky peach booty 🍑year-round—but this time of year, the pressure is on! Bikini season is right around the corner and time is of the essence. If you feel like you’ve neglected your backside all winter and most of spring, don’t worry, it isn’t too late to get the derriere of your dreams!

These are the best exercises to tone your butt when time isn’t on your side (and the gym doesn’t always make it on your to-do list). In fact, you can do the entire workout in the comfort of your own home! All you need is a chair and a simple resistance band or booty band.

exercises to tone your butt. how to get a peach booty

Benefits Of Resistance Band Training For Glutes

Despite popular belief, lifting heavy weights and performing complicated exercises is not the only way to “build a booty.” One of the many reasons why people use resistance band training for glutes is because it’s wildly effective for building lean muscle quickly and conveniently.

According to Google Trends, our general interest in booty band workouts over the last several years continues to climb, and for good reason. These are the benefits of resistance band training for glutes:

exercises to tone your butt. resistance bad workout for butt
  • Affordable—trendy fitness gyms and workouts are all the rage in this day and age. When fancy spin studios, barre classes, pilates, and HIIT gyms are popping up left and right, it’s hard to resist the urge to sign-up and see what the fuss is all about. If you’ve ever tried a boutique gym before you know the luxury of a niche workout doesn’t come cheap. But one of the benefits of resistance band training is that it’s actually affordable. A good-quality set of resistance bands will only set you back anywhere from $15-$30, which is pennies in comparison to the outrageous prices of gym memberships nowadays.
  • Versatile—unlike boutique fitness gyms, variety is one of the crucial elements to having a well-rounded and sustainable workout regime. This is important because exercise training is an adaptive process, meaning, the body adapts to whatever stress the exercise places on it and over time, your body acclimates to the stress and your progression stops, causing you to  “plateau.” Resistance bands can be used in various ways and come in multiple resistances creating an endless number of ways to keep your workouts interesting, so there is no reason for your body to stop progressing! Check out this incredible at-home upper body workout to tone your arms and back—here we show you 8 genius ways you can use a resistance band to mimic exercises you thought you could only do at the gym!
  • Effective—resistance band training for glutes is a great way to build strength and tone your muscles! Resistance bands create increased tension in your muscles, allowing them to contract properly. The more you stretch the band, the more your muscles work. You can continuously increase the resistance of the band over time to keep your muscles activated and challenged.

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The Best Exercises To Tone Your Butt!

When performing this workout, you’ll need a chair, a resistance band, and a timer. First,  set your timer to 18 minutes. You’ll complete 10 reps of each exercise continuously until the timer goes off. The goal here is to complete as many rounds of this workout as possible in 18 minutes. For an extra challenge, try increasing your reps to 15 and shooting for 20 minutes!

Don’t forget to do a proper warm up and cool down, too! Believe it or not, most athletic injuries occur when we pass on these two essentials steps.

the best exercises to tone your butt. girl stretching in gym

How To Prevent Injuries

Thirty minutes before your warm-up, drink a tall glass of water with one scoop of SkinnyFit Jump Start to give your body a boost of natural energy and endurance it needs to start and finish your workout strong! Post workout replenishes your body and muscles with the healthy electrolytes and amino acids from SkinnyFit Repair and Recover. Just one scoop after physical activity can help increase your recovery time, ease soreness, and help amplify fat burning long after your workout is over!

exercises to tone your butt. skinnyfit jump start and repair and recover

Are you ready for a killer workout? These are the best exercises to tone your butt and thighs at home!

  • 10 side shuffles with resistance band
  • 10 band squats
  • 10 stationary lunges
  • 10 single leg chair squats
  • 10 seated leg extensions
exercises to tone your butt



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