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The Best 15-Minute Full Body Workout For Women With No Time!

Written by Liz Brown

Burn serious calories and fat in just 15-minutes with this full-body, no-equipment workout!

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No time to workout? No problem! All you need 15-minutes and a towel ('cause it's about to get sweaty!)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been so busy that you forgot to workout? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈOr maybe you use your busy schedule as an excuse to not workout? GUILTYYYY! Either way, if your days seem to come and go faster than donuts in an office break room, then getting a good workout in is probably the last thing on your mind. Thankfully, we have a great 15-minute full body workout for women with no time and no equipment.

Full Body Bodyweight Workout

If you think that getting a good workout that tones your entire body is only for those who hit the gym on a regular basis, well, I’m happy to say that you are mistaken! Believe it or not, your own bodyweight can add enough resistance to make for an incredible full body bodyweight workout!

Resistance training is essential for developing healthy bones, joints, muscles, and even helps burn fat. In fact, for every pound of muscle you have on your body you burn an additional 50 calories at restβ€”that’s right, you burn an extra 50 calories doing absolutely nothing, just by having lean muscle.

A common concern with many women is that resistance training can cause them to become β€œtoo bulky”. And while this concern is valid, women do not contain enough testosterone naturally to develop such alarming amounts of muscle. If you’re still not convinced then this full body bodyweight workout is a great introduction to resistance training.

quick full body workouts for women

Support Lean Muscle With Collagen

Resistance training is excellent for helping to build lean muscleβ€”but ensuring that your body maintains that muscle is another thing. That’s where taking a daily collagen supplement, like SkinnyFit Super Youth can come in handy. You see, collagen is actually the most abundant protein found in the body, and protein is the primary building block for muscle.

With just two scoops of Super Youth collagen every day you can supply your body with 14 additional grams of lean protein. Additionally, this kind of extra support can help ease joint pain, stiffness, inflammation, and improves the strength of your tendons and ligaments!

We recommend pairing your collagen with a fast-acting branch chain amino acid blend, or BCAA, like SkinnyFit Repair and Recover. Taking one scoop of BCAAs immediately after physical activity, like this quick full body workout, for example, will replenish your body with the electrolytes that are lost during exercise.Β 

Quick full body workout

Quick Full Body Workout For Women

This quick full body workout for women with no timeΒ has everything you need to burn calories and build lean muscle! Are you ready? Here’s the workout:

Full Body Bodyweight Workout

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds between each exercise. Complete 3 rounds total.

full body workout for women

About The Author

Liz Brown

Fitness & Nutrition Expert (CPT., FNS.)

Liz is a health & wellness expert, writer, and editor with over a decade of experience in the fitness & nutrition industry. She emphasizes research and simplifies complex topics to help make healthy living simple and sustainable. When she isn't researching and writing, she's sharing delicious recipes, easy DIYs, and home decor tips on her blog and social media.

More from Liz, visit: Personal Blog, TikTok, Instagram


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer(since 2012)
  • NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (since 2014)
  • Credentialed Coach Practitioner, Coach Training Academy
  • B.A. Liberal Studies (Health & Nutrition Sciences)
  • A.A. Liberal Arts (STEM)

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