6 Of The Best Resistance Band Exercises For Legs!


Written by: Liz Brown - Nov. 6, 2018

Resistance band exercises for legs  

No matter what time of year it is—bikini season or hibernation season—achieving or maintaining lean legs and a firm booty remain high on the priority list. Whether you’re busy traveling over the summer or snuggled up indoors during the winter, there is no excuse for not being able to get a good pump goin’!

These six resistance band exercises for legs can be done easily and just about anywhere! A resistance band is a nifty and inexpensive piece of equipment to keep on hand for quick and effective workouts! They are small and compact and can be stored or tucked away easily at home, in a suitcase, or in your bag for on-the-go workouts!

Loop Band Exercises For Toned Legs

There are a few types of resistance bands on the market these days but this particular resistance band butt workout uses a loop band. If you don’t have a loop band but have a traditional resistance band or one with handles, don’t worry! You can easily create this same effect by forming a circle with the long resistance band and securing it in a knot!
(If there are handles they may hang off the end of the knot but that is okay too!)

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Loop Band Exercises

This resistance band butt workout targets all three major muscles in the gluteus maximus (ya booty)—gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius.

Glute Muscles

For a well-rounded, and firm booty, you’ll want to make sure to train all three of these muscles consistently. If you’re unsure if you’re hitting all three, here’s a simple rule to remember: Your workout should include exercises that are performed in all three planes of motion—frontal, sagittal, and transverse. In other words, 360-degree movement.

Here are a few examples of the resistance band exercises for legs for each plane of motion and the primary muscle they are activating just to give you a little more reference:

Gluteus Maximus is activated in the Sagittal Plane:

  • Kickbacks
  • Squat leg lift

Gluteus Medius is activated in the Frontal Plane:

  • Standing leg lift
  • Side Shuffle

Gluteus Minimus is activated in the Transverse Plane:

  • Plank leg raises


How To Recover From Leg Day

So, as long as you’re moving that booty in all planes of motion, you can expect to get a firm tush with just a resistance band!

I’m sure you’re already aware that leg day is typically a lot more exhausting than if you were to just train your arms, for instance. Reason being, the muscles in your bum require a lot of energy in order for you to perform them and it’s important that you fuel your body properly beforehand.

SkinnyFit Jump Start gives you the energy you need to burn serious calories and get the booty gains you’re working for! For optimal recovery, we recommend taking SkinnyFit Repair and Recover to replenish your muscles of the nutrients it lost during your workout. Additionally, the branch chain amino acids that are found in Repair and Recover will accelerate the healing process and help prevent potential soreness the next day!

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SkinnyFit Jump Start Repair and Recover

6 Easy Resistance Band Exercises For Legs

For this resistance band butt workout, complete 2-3 rounds of 20 reps each, for more of a challenge and a bigger booty pump, complete 3-5 rounds!  

resistance band exercises for legs




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