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5 Creative Ways To Use Resistance Bands At Home (+5 Types Of Bands)

Written by Shelby Torrese

Want to get more use out of your workout resistance bands? Here are 9 creative ways to use resistance bands at home for effective full-body workouts!

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Resistance bands are a great way to build, tone, and tighten. Even though they seem like such simple, straightforward exercise tools, knowing how to use resistance bands correctly can absolutely change your workout game. Not only are there so many ways to use resistance bands, but there are also quite a few types of resistance bands.

To help you get clear on how to get toned with this simple (and convenient!) exercise tool, today’s blog will cover how to use resistance bands at home, and all the different types of resistance bands to choose from.

7 Day Resistance band challenge

Types Of Resistance Bands 

Each resistance band does something different for the body, helping to target certain areas of the body. Below are the top five types of resistance bands I like to use and recommend. Knowing what each of them are and what they’re great for are perfect when starting to learn how to use resistance bands at home.

1. Loop bands

Loop bands are one of the most common types of resistance bands, and you’ve probably seen or used them before. They’re a simple circle band, and are great for doing a variety of workouts since you can use them with your arms or your legs. They’re often made out of rubber and come in various resistance weights, so they’re useful at any level of intensity.

2. Tube bands with handles

Tube bands with handles are exactly what they sound like—a long tube with handles on each end. These are great because you can easily grip them in your hands or loop them over your feet. They’re perfect for standing exercises, and you can wrap them around a pole or door frame for added intensity.

3. Non-slip/fabric circle bands 

Non-slip loop bands are just like the regular loop bands, but thicker. They’re usually made of grippy fabric that stays in place when you need it to! My favorite ones are the textured ones, like this one, because they don’t slide down your legs or get twisted up like the rubber ones do. They’re also great because you can do a variety of different workouts with them, but they’re most popular for their booty building ability.

4. Therapy bands

Therapy bands are very similar to rubber loop bands except they don’t loop. They’re more of a longer, stretch of rubber fabric. They’re great for stretching, and for more therapeutic work as the name suggests. You can still use them to get a workout in with them, which you can achieve by easily tying them to make a loop band. This can be useful when doing a variety of standing and supine (on your back) exercises. 

5. Figure 8 bands

Figure eight bands are similar to the tube bands in look and feel, but they’re in the shape of an infinity sign, or a figure eight. They’re great for arm and leg work because you can easily grip them on each side. Also, they’re generally higher in resistance, so they’re perfect for advanced level workouts.

7 day resistance band challenge

How To Use Resistance Bands At Home

If you’re new at learning how to use resistance bands at home, this is the perfect intro to getting a sweat on in 30 minutes or less. These exercises will work all different muscles, and tone you up for rocking your favorite jeans all year, without the “please fit” dance. 

1. Use the door as an anchor 

With a little imagination, everyday household items and structures are actually gym equipment in disguise! This workout, for example, will have your arms and back toned in no time with just a rubber loop band and a door frame!

2. Band work for posture correction

If you’re guilty of hunching over a computer or phone all day, this workout is for you! Using a variety of different bands, this exercise routine includes a range of incremental movements that will drastically improve your posture. This is the perfect post-work day routine.

3. Assist with stretching

This routine is perfect with therapeutic bands. Stretching is such an underrated part of exercise, and plays a huge part in your overall physique. Do these stretches to wake up in the morning or wind down at the end of the day.

4. Full body workouts 

You wouldn’t believe how sore you can get after this 10-minute full body band workout. The moves are so simple, but your muscles are working overtime! This routine uses a loop band, but is most successful with the thicker, grippy fabric bands. Do this 3-5x per week and you’ll see the difference in no time!

5. Isolation work

The booty you’ve all been waiting for—isolation work! If you want to tone and grow your booty, this is the workout for you. Grab a tube band with handles, throw on your favorite hype playlist, and get to work! Add this to your daily workout routine and you’ll start seeing gains in just a few weeks. These exercises are, hands down, my favorite way on how to use resistance bands.

About The Author

Shelby Torrese

Nutrition, Movement & Meditation Coach

Shelby Torrese is a wellness enthusiast (and matcha fanatic!) from Miami, FL. She attributes her love of movement to her mom, a personal trainer, and her love of food to her dad, a farmer. She studied creative writing in college while getting her yoga certification, and went on to pursue fitness and nutrition in grad school. Her go-to advice is, “Balance,” and she is a firm believer that the ocean can cure just about everything.

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
  • NASM Certified Nutrition Coach
  • M.S. in Human Performance


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